22 Idiots Fighting Inanimate Objects

You’ve probably seen people fighting in public, but have you seen them fighting inanimate objects that have done nothing wrong? It’s not uncommon for us to loose control of our temper; in fact we live in such a high paced society sometimes it gets a bit too much for all of us! However, some people have a really funny, or just plain stupid, way of showing it. We have found the most hilarious and dumbest gifs of idiots fighting inanimate objects. Whether they’re drunk, angry or just plain stupid, these people can’t handle the pressure, so here they are, letting it all out on an unsuspecting trash can, hamper, or parked car. Little do they know, they’ve got a tough fight ahead of them!


Even His Shirt Wanted to Get out of There!


Maybe It’s Mahogany?

There Are No Words…

Sign – 1, Man – 0

One Door Closes, Another One Hits You in the Rear

Why, of All of the Parts of His Body, Did He Use His Head?

Hey! I’m Walking Here!

The Apple Doesn’t Seem to like You Either

Note to Self: Cars Filled with Gasoline Can Explode When You Set Them on Fire

A Swing and a Miss!

Really Lean Into Your Punch

He Has No One to Blame but Himself

Salmon Migrate Through Dams, Not Doors

This Idiot Can’t Even Do It Right!

Karma Is a Beautiful Thing

And Then He Had to Move Back Into His Mother’s Basement…

This Is What Happens When You Try to Drunk Punch a Car

What’s That Old Saying? The Toilet Is Mightier Than the Wine Bottle?

The Trash Can Started It!

Desk Assassination Gone Wrong