If You Own Any Of These Phone Accessories, Then You’re The Worst

Some phone accessories make sense. Who doesn’t need a good pair of wireless headphones, or a kickstand to prop up a smartphone while you’re watching a video? But then there are the stupid phone accessories. And they go way, way beyond your garden-variety bad phone case.

Imagine how terrible it would be to know someone who owned one of these dumb phone accessories – or worse, to own them yourself. They range from the relatively mundane and stupid (to the tune of about $2) to lavish, unnecessary and also stupid (to the tune of about $250). Who needs a hat to watch something on their phone? Isn’t a giant case just impractical? And why on earth would you spend money on a mini Roomba for your screen?

Sure, personal taste is subjective, but slapping on any of these accessories definitely qualifies as an annoying use of a phone. Each one of these, in their own special way, is a stupid phone accessory that should only ever be used as a gag or prank gift. Companies make some pretty dumb products for smartphones, but these really take the cake.