Inappropriate Test Answers That Probably Ended with a Visit to the Principal

Life is a series of tests, even after you’re done with school. Once you’re finished with your scholastic career and get out into the real world, you start to come to the realization that there aren’t technically any wrong answers, only stupid questions. Below are pictures of extremely  test answers, and quiz answers by some pretty witty students. These quiz whiz-kids saw an opportunity to answer a stupid question with an appropriately dirty response, and they took it. Seize the day. 

  1. Kiss the Girls

  2. Hannibal Lecter’s School Daze

  3. Sticking Your Neck Out

  4. Hell on Earth

  5. What the Duck!

  6. Waste Management

  7. Let’s Not Ovary Act

  8. Done Deal

  9. Either Or

  10. Let it Pee

  11. Meanwhile, in Russia…

  12. Mum’s the Word

  13. Perfect Timing

  14. Carey On

  15. Whatever Floats Your Goat

  16. Math is Easy

  17. Free Falling

  18. Keys to Success

  19. In-centi-vized

  20. Gaga LOL

  21. Splinter Cells

  22. Head of the Class