Incredibly Awkward and Scary Valentine’s Day Cards from Kids

If you’re not the type who’s into flowery language, beating around the bush, or good grammar, then you’ve come to the right place. Scroll on down to revisit the good old days when tact wasn’t exactly part of the program and love was far from unconditional. After all, nothing says “I love you” like these creepy valentines from kids that tell it like it is – sometimes even with accompanying illustrations! As you’ll see demonstrated here, even though kids may not always have greatest vocabulary, they’ll never leave you with any doubts as to where you stand (sorry, Mom, you just aren’t as good as Dad).

This list will not only give you a laugh, but provide solid reassurance that the next time your kids hands you a card announcing that they loves you as long as you don’t make them clean their rooms, you’re not alone. These hilarious homemade kids’ cards range from the heartbroken to the kind of committed to the overenthusiastic. So without further ado, we give you this adorable showcase of kids expressing their emotions and true love – for better or for worse.

It Doesn't Take Much...

That Awkward Moment When Your Kid’s the Bigger Man

You’ve Been Spared, for Now…

I Love You, Even Though Mom Never Will…

Parent Teacher Conference in 3… 2… 1

Honesty: Not Always the Best Policy, Actually

The Gentle Let Down

The Ill-Timed Admirer

The Dark Side of Literacy

High Standards = Nailing It

Do We Detect a Subtle Hint?

Boundaries: Nailing It

The Most Priceless Misspelling of the Word “Cook”

Charging Her for the Ring: a Good Sign Your Proposal May Be Premature

Nothing Says Love Like a Little Constructive Criticism

We See the Words “Sugar” and “Daddy” Working Well Together in This Kid’s Future

World’s Worst Spacing

How You Know When a Relationship Is Getting Serious

This Kid’s Heart Belongs to the Color Red

Sort of Sweet… in a Disturbingly Literal Sort of Way

It’s the Little Things…

The “Too Much Information” Tribute

The Honey Point

Love Notes: Not Always the Best Place to Test Drive New Vocabulary Words

It’s the Hair or the Heart

Totally Committed… to Chicken

The Most Unfortunate Misspelling of the Word Desk Ever

The Dangers of Suddenly Going Freestyle

Timing = Not Quite Nailing It

The Good News: I Love You Even Though You’re Dumb. The Bad News: You’re Dumb.

Unconditional Love = Failing

The Early Signs That You May Be Headed for a Long Term Relationship