The Most Ingenious Products for All of Your Sneaky Stuff

Whether you need a secure spot to stash your cash while traveling or a shifty place to hide your loot right in your own car, we’ve got you covered! These are all awesome ideas for how to hide dangerous weapons from curious kids or entire rooms from prying adults!

No one will find what you hide in here… unless they know exactly where to look. Check out these awesome hidden tile safes for bathrooms.

Want a place to stash stuff like cash and weapons where prying eyes won’t find them? This handy air vent safe is the perfect way to hide your valuables in plain sight.

Price: $ 219.99

What’s behind this Batman-style hidden door? Who gives a crap? It’s a hidden door! And it can be yours! Turn your extra room into a cool little hidden adventure (with plenty of space for your books).

Price: $ 144.95

If you’re looking for a great hiding place that won’t break the bank, check out this Pepsi bottle safe. Not only does it actually contain liquid to make it look like a normal bottle of Pepsi, but refrigerators make much less obvious hiding spots than office cabinets.

Price: $ 13.68

Though many people would think to look behind a door for hidden valuables, few would think to look inside it. Check out  these directions for how to make your very own door top stash box using a cigar tube.

The next time you find yourself forced to navigate a not-so-great part of town, the hidden belt buckle knife might just be your ticket to a little peace of mind. This unassuming belt buckle hides a sheathed knife that can transform you from victim to weapon-welding ninja at a moment’s notice.

Price: $ 25 and up

Wanna hide your stuff on the go? With this sturdy, secretly hollow shift knob, you can keep it close while moving fast.

Price: $ 14.99

Okay, okay, so you’d sort of have to be Batman rich to actually buy one, but how cool is it that this  hidden parking spot actually exists?

If you’ve got something valuable, but don’t want to hassle with an expensive safety deposit box, this handy little wall outlet safe is a great alternative.

Price: $ 4.99

There’s no sense in taking chances when you’ve got both weapons and kids in the house. Stow your firearms away in this fingerprint activated lock box.

Price: $ 104.99

Hide your stuff in plain sight with this cool and convenient clock safe!

Price: $ 18.99

Looking for a stash-worthy safe no one’s going to expect? Check out this awesome, which conveniently unscrews to provide your stuff with a durable hiding spot.

Price: $ 24.29

The first place nefarious criminals will look for your key is under your doormat. Get more creative with this trick. Grab an old pill bottle, super glue a rock to the top of it, and then bury it in your garden or yard.

Worried about housekeeping getting a little too up-close and personal with your valuables? Rest assured that no one’s likely to look twice at this men’s deodorant safe.

Price: $ 15.49

Keep your valuables buried with this portable beach vault. It screws down into the sand, and it’s handle folds over so you can keep it right beneath your towel as your enjoy a nice tanning session without constantly having to eye your iPhone.

Price: $ 39.00

There’s nothing worse that realizing all your money’s been lost or stolen while traveling. Don’t let it happen to you by keeping your valuable’s close in this secret pocket tie.

Price: $ 25-105

Ever worry about your grandma or grandpa taking a stroll alone? Worry no more with this concealed sword cane that can transform the elderly into an assailant’s worst nightmare!

Price: $ 94.99

It’s a classic trick, but for good reason. Save yourself the trouble of making your own hollow book safe with this sneaky dictionary.

Price: $ 25.89

Wanna sneak booze into a concert? No security guard is going to examine these too closely. Tampon flasks look perfectly innocent in your purse.

Price: $ 11.69

Whether you’re attempting to hide your valuables while traveling or just hate hanging onto your stuff while working out, these pocket socks may be the way to go.

Price: $ 14.95

Want to vape without worrying about losing your vape pen or attracting (too much) attention? This cool little covert vape hoodie comes complete with vape-able strings.

Price: $ 55-95

Hate having to worry about your stuff while you swim in the ocean? Tuck important things into this stealthy sunscreen safe to make your valuables appear way less theft-worthy.

Price: $ 14.95

It never hurts to have a little cash on hand in case of a rainy day. Keep your “plan B” safely tucked away in this stylish cash capsule key chain.

Price: $ 11.69

Trade in Casual Friday for Margarita Monday with this that’ll make you the most popular guy in the office!

Price: $ 21.59

Whether you want to hide your valuables at home or while traveling, this cool little covert tank top safe is the last place thieves are likely to look, as it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your closet.

Price: $ 11.50

Even if someone knew you kept your valuables in your underwear, there’s no way their going after these guys. These fake stained tighty-whities are sure to send even the most meticulous robbers running for the hills.

Price: $ 12.99

Wanna enjoy a few drinks at the game or concert without breaking the bank? Refills are only an unzip away with this hidden bladder flask.