Inside The Purple People House, The Freaky, Stand-Offish Sex Cult In Northern California

You may have heard of the “Purple People,”Ā a Lafayette, CA, group that lives in purple houses and travels in purple limousines. If you live in the area, you may have even seen them. But who are the Purple People anyway? They’re actually a highly controversial group called Lafayette MorehouseĀ that has been labeled a sexĀ cult.Ā 

Is Lafayette MorehouseĀ aĀ cult? Its connection to sexuality is inescapable; its members teach sexual practices and techniques, and even used to offer college degrees on the subject. As for the cult designation, that depends on who you believe. Some claim that residents are free to come and go as they please, and that Lafayette Morehouse is simply a community that encourages pleasurableĀ living. Others sayĀ the group uses coercion and mind control to keep people closed up behind purple doors.