Jobs Most Likely to Be Taken Over by Robots in the Future

We all know the economy’s been taking a few gut-punches in recent years, and stories about “job creation” have become a staple in the news. Complicating the generally crap availability of worthwhile employment opportunities, a flood of advances in artificial intelligence and cheap robotics technology have provoked some rather scary conversations lately about the possibility of almost all routinized labor being replaced within the next 20 to 30 years by computerized and automated workers. Which jobs and careers are robots poised to take from us mere mortals in the not so distant future?
This scenario obviously has its pros and cons, but what we all want to know most urgently is, of course, “Will my own job be replaced by a robot some day soon?” Good question. Which jobs are most likely to be taken over by robots? Which jobs are the most secure from robot infiltration? Will service robots eventually, creepily outnumber actual human citizens?
Scroll down to discover the answers to these questions and cast your votes for the jobs you think will disappear thanks to advances in technology. (I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.)