Jokes That Are Only Funny If You’re an Introvert

Informal introvert quiz: you can tell you’re one if you relate to each and every one of these jokes about being on the introverted side of the spectrum. These jokes practically define introverted – and they’re all hilarious, too. So check out these jokes to find out if you’re introverted or extroverted – bonus points if you share this post with your friends on .

Extroverts vs. introverts

If only we could give this excuse every time

How introverts prepare for a party

Every. Single. Time.

The benefits of being an introvert

When we say something awkward

Introverts unite

That was close

The exact number of friends an introvert needs

How to make an introvert feel awkward

How an introvert gets stressed out

Yep pretty much

How not to strike up a conversation with us

Every introvert when they get to a party

The map of an introvert’s brain

What did one introvert say to the other introvert?

An introvert at home vs. in public

What happens when we get invited out

Sounds about right

Introverts: assemble!

Being an introvert at a party

An introvert’s tortured relationship with her phone

We’re super resourceful

Going outside for an introvert