Julia Roberts Is Far From The American Sweetheart She Appears To Be

Quick – who is the first actress you think of when you hear the phrase “America’s Sweetheart?” If you said the actress who starred in Pretty Woman, then you may be surprised to hear these dark Julia Roberts stories. The Georgia-born Academy Award winner with the million dollar smile may have captured the hearts of audiences around the world, but these true Julia Roberts stories may make you think twice about her seemingly squeaky-clean, nice girl image.

Roberts hit the big screen with a bang in 1988 in the sleeper comedy Mystic Pizza, and went on to appear in a few other films over the years before catapulting into the mainstream with her portrayal of a prostitute with a heart of gold in Garry Marshall’s 1990 smash romantic comedy Pretty Woman. Roberts was just 23 years old and could light up a room with her mega-smile, movie-star glamor, and sweet girl-next-door persona.

But it was not long before Julia Roberts’s personal drama began to take over the tabloids. In Steven Spielberg’s 1991 film Hook, a rumor emerged that Roberts was such a diva on the set while playing Tinker Bell that the crew began to refer to the actress as “Tinker-Hell.” Was Julia Roberts’s romantic life to blame for her bad behavior? After all, she had just called off her marriage to Kiefer Sutherland mere days before their wedding in order to run away to Ireland with Jason Patric. 

The Erin Brockovich star has not had an easy life. There are reports that her stepfather was abusive, and much has been made in the press about her contentious relationship with her brother, fellow Eric Roberts. Read more about these ten dark Julia Roberts facts that suggest that one of modern cinema’s most beloved actresses may have more than a few skeletons in her closet.


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