Killer Whales Are The Biggest A-Holes In The Entire Ocean

For an animal with the word “killer” in its name, people tend to picture killer whales as gentle giants. Movies likeĀ Free WillyĀ have managed to brand orcas as giant ocean puppy dogs, but the reality could not be any less adorable. Let’s face it, killer whales are jerks.

Despite what most people think, orcas tend to beĀ much more likeĀ JawsĀ than Shamu. They are carnivoresĀ that use their intelligence and communication skills to dominate the ocean as apex predators. A group of aggressive orcas can take down any threat, and a few people have even been killed by these vicious monsters. So yes, most killer whales are mean killer whales. But thatā€™s just nature, right? Surely killer whales arenā€™t actually sadistic a-holes who murder for pleasure and bathe in the blood of infants, right?Ā 

You might believe that, if you didnā€™t know all of these horrible killer whale facts that will make you think twice about swimming in the ocean. Itā€™s not the sharks you need to worry about, but the massive marine mammals who will tear you limb from limb while laughing with glee.

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