The Kinkiest Historical Figures In Recorded History

Who comes to mind when you think of a ÔÇťkinkyÔÇŁ historical figure? JFK cheating on his wife with┬áMarilyn Monroe? There’s┬áno compelling evidence┬áthat they even hooked up.┬áBill Clinton and his cigar?┬áNo proof that it’s true.┬á

This is a list of the kinkiest historical figures whose sexual preferences are well-documented. There are some affairs mentioned herein,┬ásome sick thoughts or two, and, uh, one instance of actual seppuku. Also, maybe some incest from history? It’s kind of unclear what was going on with Gandhi, but it definitely wasn’t good. Read on to learn about some of the kinkiest presidents and historical leaders with fetishes you won’t believe.

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