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License Plates You Can’t Believe Got Past the DMV Screeners

How did these dirty liscense plates make it past the DMV screeners? One of the most important parts of growing up is getting your first car. But after the novelty of driving around wears off, you’ve got to keep the vehicular excitement flowing somehow. The best, and most legal, way to do that is to put dirty jokes on license plates and slap ’em on your car. It may sound infantile, but trust us, it’s hilarious. Think of the thrill that you get when you see a car flying down the highway with a set of raunchy license plates – and now imagine giving that thrill to other drivers. It’s awesome, right? If you’re still on the fence about the over all radness of inappropriate license plates, take a gander at this list of license plates that you won’t believe made it past the DMV – you’ll be forever changed

Of all the ways you can customize your car, adding raunchy license plates might be the best. Not only are you showing off your juvenile/awesome sense of humor, but you’re keying in other drivers to the fact that you rule and they drool. Some of the license plates on this list have been recalled, and for good reason, they’ve gone past being raunchy fun and crossed over into the nightmare fuel/racist zone – and nobody likes it when someone takes things that far. But those inappropriate license plates are still included on this list because no one knows how they made it past the DMV.

When Is the DMV Going to Stop Falling for This?

Give This Man a Fedora and He’s the Coolest Dude in the World

We Also Know What It’s Like to Not Give Forks

Also Your Mom

I C What U Did There

Preferably Not While You’re Driving

Maybe He Rates Vibes? Yeah, That’s It!

Wrong End of the Car, Dude

Is This on the Cialis Truck?

A Benefit of Service Better Than Anything in the G.I. Bill

This Only Works as a Rear License Plate

The Quickest Way to Marry a Cop

The Loneliest Man on the Planet

Ron Jeremy Drives a Volkswagon?

Me Thinks the Driver Doth Protest Too Much

The Rainbow Really Ties This Plate Together

Don’t Go in There

The Lowest-Rated Uber Driver Ever

Like a Time Lord but with… Well You Get It

That’s One Way to Win a Bet

The Most Keyed Car in the World

The Only Nanny-Approved License Plate in the US

This Dude Must Be Sore

Miss Her? I Hardly Knew Her!

The License Plate Equivalent of Everyone at Coachella

Even Hitler Thought This Was Tasteless

Oh Hey, We Found the Worst Guy in Montana

Do You Want to Advertise That?

Don’t Go Changin’, Virginia. Wait. Do Go Changin’!

We’re Going to Need a Bigger YIKES

Who Knew Dick Cheney Drove a Jeep?

Atheists Are the Worst

BOO This License Plate

He Went That Way, Officer

I Can See Why This Wouldn’t Go Over in NYC

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