33 Life Hacks That Will Change Your World

Life hacks are yes, at this point kind of hack-y, but why comb through a stupid amount of Tumblr pages just to find the best ones when you can add to this list? Vote on these awesome life hacks and even weigh in on what you think are the best, newest, funniest, and most useful life hacks on the Internet. Life hacks, in case you’ve never heard the term, are useful pieces of every day advice, often in the form of ways to make your day-to-day life easier using household items or common sense. Defining a life hack is often as easy as knowing whether or not something has simply made your life easier.  So, take the advice of some of these life hacks. Maybe you’d never thought to use sticky notes to catch drill debris, or to fill up a bucket using your sink and a dustpan, or even that certain foods can be eaten much more easily by just adding one extra step.  If there’s ever anything you do on a regular basis, which takes up a lot of time in your life, it is always worth investing in a simple if it improves your experience of that one thing enough. So, from ways to make parenting easier, to catering to how lazy you may or may not be, to knowing how to cook a piece of meat or a vegetable, generally, this list will make you say “ooooooh” at least once. 

How to Hang Stuff With Specific Holes

Cold Water in Your Face!

Check Your TV for USB Plugins When Out of Outlets

How to Start Cleaning Your Microwave

The Dustpan in the Sink Trick

How to Cure Rust Build-Up

Changing Thermostats With Boxes Around Them

Use Heat Chrink Tubing to Reinforce Your Apple Plugs

Use Bread Tabs to Hold Your Tape

Take the Pants Holders Off of Coat Hangers

Use Gift Cards As Credit Cards for New Subscriptions

A Small Amount of Water for Better Microwave Crust

An Awesome Way to Peel An Orange

Newspaper Trashcan Protection!

Fit Two Bowls in the Microwave at Once

IPad Wall Holders for Under Five Dollars

The Chapstick Wallet Trick

Put Lazy Susans in Your Fridge!

Simple Shortcuts to Famous Symbols On Your Keyboard

Heat Your Food Up Evenly!

The Ol’ Magnet Nail Trick

The Sticky Notes to Catch Drill Debris Trick

Take Your Pens Apart for the Good of the Cords!

Making the Comb Hold the Nail for You

How to Walk On Ice

The Metric Conversion Cheat Sheet

The Color Ties Often Tell You When Bread Was Baked

DV Tape Cases As Phone Holders

Zoom In! a List of Food That Can Keep You Alive in Nature.

Garbage Holes at the Bottom of the Can

Can’t Find Scissors? Can Opener to Get Those Plastic Packages!

Coffee Timer With Two Styrofoam Cups!
Tennis Ball IPad Sound Amplifier