Life In The Playboy Mansion Is Pretty Much Hell, According To The Playmates Who Have Lived There

The Playboy Mansion was once thought of as a glamorous, sexy hotbed of lust. These days? Not so much. Since it’s presided over by a decrepit old man, constantly clad in pajamas and surrounded by women decades his junior, the entire vibe is beyond skeevy. But just how far beyond creepy does the experience of living there go? Several former Playmates have come forward with their disturbing stories of what it was like to live in the Playboy Mansion, and the details will have you reaching for the nearest bottle of hand sanitizer.

Playmates who lived in the Playboy Mansion have shared tales of carpets encrusted with dog poop, unhygienic-sounding group-sex sessions, and shady methods of payment. If you’re wondering what living in the Playboy Mansion was like, it’s less sexy parties in the grotto and more trying to figure out how to get through that gate. Maybe give this a read before entertaining the notion of becoming a Playmate.