Lost Children Who Were FOUND

There are few things as deeply disturbing and fascinating as the cases of children who go missing, but are found many years later. It may seem hard to believe, but approximately 2,300 children and adults are reported missing in in the U.S. every day. It’s a horrifying and sad statistic, but history has shown that there is always hope! To find a missing person many years later is truly a miracle, as the loved ones of those who are kidnapped seldom receive this kind of happy news. These stories of found lost children prove you can never give up. Ā It’s actually slightly more common to find missing children than you may think. We latch on to these stories with rabid fascination, because they are often the purest examples of the epitome of human strength, fortitude, and resilience. Still others happened under the oddest set of circumstances one can imagine– like a girl who hid out with her boyfriend for five years, or the guy who was just doing drugs while everyone assumed he’d been murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The experiences of found missing kids vary from wretched to wacky to WTF?!

From rescues on land and sea, to decades of captivity, and kidnapped kids who never even knew they were considered missing– this list is compromised of the fascinating stories of often courageous and sometimes strange missing children who turned up months and years after they were lost.