Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything

It’s almost a cliché in this day and age that when someone wins the lottery they’ll be broke and destitute before they even get their first check. Lottery winner horror stories are all too common these days. Not all of the stories are the same, but they begin the same way, with someone having the best day of their, and not realizing that they never should have played the lottery. On this list of lottery winner stories there are millionaires who became even richer while they circled the drain, garbage men who found out that they had a penchant for prostitutes, and a couple of people who just couldn’t stop gambling. If you’re a Powerball player or a scratch-off nut, be mindful of the stories on this list of who lost everything. Lottery winners horror stories may always end with someone working at McDonalds, or fishing change out of the city dump, but that doesn’t mean that the same thing’s going to happen to you if you win the lottery. If you pay close enough attention to this list, there’s a good chance that your lottery-winning experience will play out in a much happier way. Just don’t buy a new car immediately, that seems to be where most of these people go wrong. Check out this list of the biggest lottery losers and start fantasizing about your lucky numbers. 

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