Low Budget Meals Made to Look Gourmet

Ever feel like you could be a culinary genius if only you had a few fancy and tiny garnishes at your disposal? If so, you’re about to find out that you were probably right. Here is a collection of low budget food made to look gourmet that features items that may be hiding out in your pantry right now. Here you’ll find evidence that proves just about anybody can impress their dinner guests with a meal that could pass for something right off the menu of a five star restaurant run by a celebrity chef.

Here you’ll find fancy low budget foods that certainly don’t take a culinary genius to master. So why take your date out to a stuffy, high priced restaurant when instead you can show her you care by making one of these fancy plates yourself for next to no money?

Look at That Leaf

Made with Vintage 7-11 Corndog That’s Been Slow Rotating for Weeks

Eat Your Heart Out Gordon Ramsey

Movie and Game Night Combined into One Tasty Combo

Only to be Attempted by the Most Skilled Chefs

Smushing Down of Can Shape Available for Additional Charge

Additional Random Sauce Dots Available Upon Request

Nothing Says Class like a Vaguely French Name

Masterpiece, Thy Name Is Oreo

Cheeseburger Ingredient Wrapped in Pizza Dough Exterior with Condiment Topping

Bree Topped Chicken Nugget with a Curly Fry Garnish

Is It Dinner or Is It Art? You Decide.

Thin Mint Finger Sandwich with Peanut Butter Filling and Chocolate Chip Sprinkes

This Ain’t Your Average Lunchable

Mildly Phallic Shaped French Fry and Nugget Combo Drizzled with Heinz

A La Inner Child

Finger Food

It Just Got Real Under the Sea

Fancy Frito Finger Foods

This Sweet Potato Delight Swimming in Random Sauces with Chicken Nugget Garnish

Organic Spaghetti-O Puree in an Eco-Friendly Pepperoni Bowl

This Fancy Entree and Dessert All in One


This Delicate Chicken Nugget Spectacular with a Side of Freshly Reheated Mac and Cheese

Freshly De-Bagged Potato Chip Surrounded by a Semi-Circular Bree

Cigarette Available in Classic Smokey Flavor or Menthol

The Breakfast of Champions