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25 Makeup Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

Are you feeling a little uninspired with your day to day beauty routine? Check out these internationally famous artists and their incredible accounts to give you a whole bevy of ideas. Whether you’re a fan of the classic red lip and cat eye, or love to try unexpected new colors, these artists have you covered.

Peep these gorgeous editorial photos, snippets of backstage runway life, and celebrities getting ready for the red carpet. Whether you want to ogle the latest beauty trends displayed on the world’s most famous models, or just get some insight on how Hollywood starlets maintain such a flawless appearance, this list has it all – with the occasional envy inducing travel photo in addition.

Which artist do you think has their makeup game on point? Let us know by casting your votes below. From dramatic contouring, to natural and dewy looks, these Instagram pros will help you step up your daily makeup routine and feel better about the illusion that is the never shiny, even toned skin of your favorite celebrities.

Hung Vanngo

A color magician who has the terrible job of hanging out with some of the world’s most gorgeous models.


Charlotte Tilbury

Ogle at her gorgeous editorial photos and check in often for the chance to win something off her new makeup line.


Follow Beau to get all the red carpet looks he paints on Hollywood’s finest young ladies.


Lisa Eldridge

Youtuber Lisa Eldridge’s feed is full of sneak peeks of her upcoming videos and the occasional amazing product to put on your Sephora wishlist.


Sam Fine

Follow Sam Fine for photos with celebrities like Queen Latifah and Iman, and tons of BTS shots.


Pati Dubroff

Pati has worked on some of the most renowned celebrities and ad spreads. Her Instagram feed is about as inspiring as it is envy inducing.


Jeanine Lobell

Jeanine Lobell created Stila Cosmetics and her feed is full of glamorous BTS and inspiration, as well as her four kids.


Pat Mcgrath

Internationally renowned for a reason, Pat Mcgrath’s glorious editorial shots are the perfect eye candy inspiration.


Sir Jon

Beyonce’s makeup artist. ‘Nuff said.


Etienne Ortega

Makeup artist to the stars, Ortega has worked with the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and many others.


Charlotte Willer

Incredibly high quality, unfiltered inspiration from editorial shoots.


Benjamin Puckey

Inspiration abounds from Puckley’s various sets and personal life.


Jackie Gomez

Follow celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez for her stunning eye makeup and BTS photos.


Rachel Goodwin

Goodwin paints the faces of both high fashion editorial models and gorgeous actresses like Emma Stone.


Hannah Murray

Makeup artist for Helmut Lang, Topshop, and countless runway models.


Ralph Siciliano

Even if you’re not huge into makeup, Siciliano’s intricate body painting is nothing short of fine .


Aaron De Mey

Sephora’s U.S. Artistry Ambassador and a seriously talented guy.


Lisa Houghton

The makeup artist behind Scar-Jo’s enviable pout and the Victoria’s Secret brigade.


James Kaliardos

You’ve seen his work in just about everything, especially V magazine – which he co founded.



Stunningly high quality close ups of her original work with a couple genius product recommendations thrown in every now and then.


Tom Pecheaux

Back stage model pics as well as some pretty enviable travel shots.


Robin Black

Beauty is Boring editor Robin Black’s feed is chock full of the latest beauty trends executed cleanly against a white backdrop.


Mark Carrasquillo

For lovers of avant garde and slightly edgy makeup looks, try Carrasquillo’s unique takes on beauty.


Ismaya French

Ismaya French does excellent beauty makeup, but is better known for her off-the wall face painting, which is inspired by everything from iconic art to fashion design.


Denika Bedrossian

If you’re a fan of Miley’s new style, check out the makeup artist behind the look.

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