Mara Wilson’s Transition From Child Star To Literary Maven

Child stars don’t often turn out as well as Mara Wilson. After achieving early international success as one of the Mrs. Doubtfire child stars, and later as the titular character in Matilda, Wilson emerged from her child star chrysalis as a successful word smith. She regularly contributes to national publications, and, in 2016, dropped knowledge in the form of a memoir. She’s prominent on Twitter, where she jokes about international politics and her own social awkwardness. With her cynical, self-deprecating wit, Wilson is far from Matilda, as these Mara Wilson facts will attest.

If you’re experiencing some 100% natural curiosity over how Mara Wilson became a Twitter star, you’re in luck. This list will tell you everything you need to know about Matilda all grown up; you’ll find all the facts and stories you need to answer the nagging question, what happened to Mara Wilson?

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