Michael Jackson’s Surreal & Strange Collections

Micheal Jackson has millions of fans around the world and there’s nothing they love to do more than to dive deep into what made this eccentric musical genius tick. All the  conspiracy theories are intriguing enough, but poking around into Michael Jackson’s strange personal collection raises more questions than answers about the reclusive musician. From  portraits featuring Jackson with playful children – some of them in their, ahem, birthday suits – fans can’t help but wonder what happened to all that junk up in Neverland Ranch?

The strangeness just got stranger when authorities first raided the ranch back in 2003. Life-sized child mannequins, rows and rows of child-like dolls, and Michael Jackson’s personal life-sized Batsuit were among the bizarre discoveries. While no one can deny Michael Jackson reigns as the King of Pop and was one of the best singers that ever lived, his purchasing decisions are certainly puzzling. Some of Michael’s Jackson more questionable collectibles may shed light on the mind of the singer, but in the end, his music (especially his record of most #1 hits to top charts) is what makes him forever an icon.

In this list of Michael Jackson’s most questionable purchases, get the inside scoop on all the strange knick-knacks he once collected. From eccentric movie props to bizarre futuristic inventions, check out the strangest things MJ surrounded himself with during his far-too-short life.

Creepy Child Mannequins In Positions

While searching MJ’s Neverland Ranch, investigators found strange mannequin children in even stranger positions. These life-sized children were posed on desks as if talking to one another. Others were propped up in weird positions like this one here.  

Three Life Masks Of Jackson In Strange Poses

Among the things found at Neverland Ranch were three life masks of Michael Jackson in exceedingly strange poses. The masks look almost ghost-like and have an estimated value of $415 – $600. While having a mask made from Jackson’s actual likeness, it’s hard to imagine where in the house such an art piece would fit.

Life-Sized Tattered Boy Statue Holding Dirty Teddy Bear

Yet another life-sized children’s figuring found on MJ’s estate – this one tattered and lost looking with a teddy bear. This little guy sold in 2010 for $1,625. One can’t help but wonder why this boy has such a forlorn look about him.

A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are meant to be therapeutic. Michael Jackson donated the bed to a Californian medical center to treat burn victims. He denied sleeping in the bed while in an interview with Oprah although he was photographed using it. 

MJ’s Video Game Where He Rescues Kids From Mr. Big

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video game was released by Sega in 1990 after his Moonwalker (1988) hit theaters. Strangely, lead character, Michael Jackson, must rescue helpless children from a man named Mr. Big to win the game.

Macaulay Culkin’s Finger Painting

A signed picture of Macaulay Culkin is pretty strange, but stranger still is that same child ’s finger painting. Clearly the two were quite close, though one would hope Jackson had the painting in a sort of proud uncle kind of way.

Dated from 1991, Culkin was around 11-years-old when he made this. It’s estimated value will never outweigh its apparent sentimental value. 

Custom-Made Robotic Michael Jackson Head

Who wouldn’t want wavy locks of metal? This custom-made head has an estimated value of $1,800 – $2,400. It was found when Julien’s Auctions cleared out Neverland in 2008.

A Signed Macaulay Culkin ‘Home Alone’ Photograph

Found in MJ’s secret closet, this signed photograph of Macaulay Culkin suggests the two may have been tighter than we first thought. Culkin is godfather to Jackson’s daughter, Paris, and the two are very close, even sharing matching tattoos.

The estimated cost of the photograph is unclear as it was seized during investigations, but the value is estimated to be in the thousands as another signed Macaulay Culkin photo is going for just over $800.

A Royal Throne

This throne’s estimated value of $1,200 – $1,800 suggests it’s not made of real gold, but it certainly looks cool. The piece went to auction shortly after the purge of Neverland ranch. It was one of the larger items found in his secret closet. 

Bubbles The Chimp

So he’s not an art piece, but Bubbles the Chimp was a regular accessory in Michael Jackson’s bizarre home life. After Jackson passed, Bubbles went on to have a career of his own. Bubbles is an acclaimed artist. In fact, he just had an exhibition in Miami called “Apes That Paint” to showcase his work.

His five paintings sold for $750 each to raise cash for his ape sanctuary.

A Treasured Glenna Goodacre Statue

Jackson had a lot of prized (and expensive) memorabilia, but this Glenna Goodacre statue was one of his most cherished possessions. The statue is called, ‘He is, they are,’ and it’s estimated value is somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000. Jackson poured a lot of money into personal possessions, and every one of them seems to unravel a whole new portion of his personality. 

Gloves Worn By Johnny Depp In Edward Scissorhands

Not to be confused with the gloves of Freddy Krueger (seen here), these sheers worn by Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands have an estimated value of $3,600 – $5,300. Who knows if MJ wanted to test the gloves haircutting abilities or just thought they would make for an interesting new way to eat meat. 

The gloves were sent to auction after MJ’s untimely passing. 

The Batsuit

Michael Jackson’s one-of-a-kind Batsuit was valued between $800 – $1,200 in a 2009 auction. As a huge Batman fan, MJ wanted to compose select music for Batman (1989) – along with George Michael – but could not get out of previous concert commitments.

Prince ended up composing pieces for scenes with the Joker instead. 

A Tasseled Neck Choker From The Jackson 5 Days

This frilly piece is straight out of 1971 when Michael Jackson sported the choker in a performance with The Jackson 5. Michael was 13-years-old when he wore it.