Mind-Blowing Fan Theories About ’90s Cartoons

Fan theories are ridiculous on the whole, but every now and again you come across one that makes so much sense that it just has to be real. These fan theories about ’90s cartoons might just ruin a few of your childhood favorites, so be warned that you will never look at these shows in the same way. Dead babies and inbreeding are just the beginning with these creepy ’90s fan theories, and fans of Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls and even Inspector Gadget aren’t safe from these mind-blowing interpretations. Vote up the fan theories that seem the most plausible to you, or simply just vote for the ones that blew your mind the most. 

Have you ever heard the creepypasta about the Rugrats being a figment of Angelica’s imagination? What about the one where all the kids in Ed, Edd n Eddy are all actually trapped in purgatory? Not all of these fan theories about ’90s cartoons are creepy, but there are a few you might regret reading before bed.