Mistakes in ’90s Sitcoms That You Never Noticed Until Now

Who doesn’t love ’90s sitcoms? From the zany antics on Friends to the campy hilarity on Will & Grace, these television shows sure delivered some good belly-laughs. But even though series like Seinfeld and The Simpsons will always have a fond place in our hearts, even the best TV shows can make mistakes.

Every great show runs into continuity errors, and these beloved ’90s comedies are no exception. Did it ever drive you crazy when Monica’s apartment number kept changing on Friends? How about when Jerry’s red scarf kept moving around? Are they just messing with us, or what?

Well, in case you missed these mistakes in ’90s sitcoms, we’ve got them all right here. Find out about the mishap in The Simpsons opening credits and about the giant blooper in Will & Grace‘s first season. And do you know what major faux pax Hilary Banks commits on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Check out these mistakes in ’90s sitcoms you may have never noticed until now, and vote up the biggest bloopers and goofs.


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