The Most Morally Reprehensible Things We All Do in GTA Games

We all do morally reprehensible things in the Grand Theft Auto series, but now with GTA V out in stores, it’s time to take a look back at the classics, and what will be the new parts of the that piss off moms and bored politicians everywhere.

Starting a 5 Star Police Chase Because You’re Bored.
These have families probably!
Driving On Sidewalks Right When There’s Maximum Pedestrian Population
In -life, this would make .
Killing Someone Over a Fight YOU Needlessly Started.
You push a dude or a chick, they get angry enough to fight you to the death. You win. Evil.
Killing a Hooker After for Your Money Back.
It’s like nothing ever happened except you’re at full now with change still in your pocket, but you wonder if you ever got some type of STD afterwards…
Blowing Up Tons of Because Traffic’s in Your Way
Don’t you hate it when traffic gets in your way during a mission? I sure do…
Really, Anything With a Rocket Launcher.
When have you ever thought, “Oh, a rocket launder would solve this reasonably”?
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