New Evidence May Point To The True Identity Of Jack The Ripper

The name “Jack the Ripper” immediately summons both a feeling of fear and morbid curiosity among those who hear it. And any time new Jack the Ripper evidence emerges, most folks father ’round to listen. The notoriously brutal killer who is known to have murdered at least five women in London in 1888 lurked in the shadows of alleys and doorways throughout the poverty-stricken Whitechapel district seeking out his prey. What’s worse is that his true identity was never discovered and, though over 130 years have passed, his legacy of terror lives on.

That is until a recent investigation unearthed greater evidence of his identity. The pages of a diary found hidden beneath the floorboards of an old London flat in March of 1992 may hide the key to the Jack the Ripper mystery – a fact no one believed could be true until now.

Recent analysis by Robert Smith, a “Ripperologist” of sorts, has revealed that the book was, in fact, discovered beneath the floorboard of a room that would have belonged to a Mr. James Maybrick in 1889, when the murders were being committed. What’s more? The pages contain a detailed retelling of the crimes – and a confession.

WARNING: Graphic images from the Jack the Ripper crime scenes are included below.