These Nickelodeon And Disney Star Feuds Tore All Your Favorite Childhood Actors Apart

They don’t serve drama like this anymore. Today’s teen stars are goddamn dullards compared to the drama-ridden heyday¬†of¬†Disney¬†and¬†Nickelodeon. Some of these feuds happened in real time, posted all over the stars’¬†social¬†media for the fans to see. Other times, the drama was¬†revealed retroactively, alerting fans that they’re favorite on-screen friends could¬†barely tolerateworking together.¬†

Cast your mind back to the glory days of the early ‘aughts.¬†Selena,¬†Demi, and¬†Miley¬†were passing the¬†Jonas Brothers¬†around like a game of pass-the-purity-ring.¬†Taylor Swift¬†was hovering on the periphery,¬†causing trouble¬†and stirring the pot. These Disney stars who hate each other blasted their enemies on Twitter, YouTube, and in interviews –¬†it was glorious! And on the same side of the spectrum, we had Nickelodeon star¬†feuds¬†to revel in. There was never a dull moment. Read on for the best TV teen star feuds that prove ain’t no drama like young, raging,¬†hormone-induced¬†drama.

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