Notes From Kids Who Are Sorry They’re Not Sorry

When it comes to the funniest kids’ apologies, nothing quite compares to┬ánotes from kids┬áwith no regrets. Funny apology notes from children resonate with any older adult who understands the cruel nature of both circumstance and childhoo.┬áOne minute you’re minding your own business, swiftly┬ákicking another┬ákid who totally deserves it right in the groin, a young force for justice.┬áBefore you know it. you look up and there stands mom with a pen and paper, ready to force┬áan┬áapology┬áthat will be as sincere as an “I’m not mad.” text.

Here you’ll find a collection of┬áfunny apology notes from children who used their apologies to further their own agendas. Using youthful logic and imagination,┬ákids who are sorry they’re not sorry found┬ácrafty┬áways to sneak a little unapologetic angst in between the lines. Prepare to meet some of the citizens of tomorrow who are living today with absolutely no┬áregrets.

Felonies Change Everything

Well, At Least Liam Tried

Very Cocky Work


Reading It All Back

Mother Of All Apologies

Sorry For Friendly Fire

Sincerely, Ty

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Breaking Out Of Time-Out

Might Wanna File This One At The Police Precinct

Brotherly Love

Virtual Apology

Sorry Someone (Not Me) Broke Your Stuff

Nothing’s Wrong

A Sparknotes Apology

Power Move

The Blame Game

Hey Bro, Accidents Happen

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