Onscreen Couples That Could Be Father And Daughter

May-December romances on film are nothing new. They’ve been going on since the beginning of cinema. What we’ve discovered is that age difference only matters to audiences if the coupling is awkward and creepy. If it doesn’t affect the romantic chemistry, though, moviegoers are unlikely to even notice a substantial age gap.

It’s a fact that male film stars are often cast as romantic leads well into 50s and 60s, while female actresses rarely get main roles (especially not romantic leads) after the age of 40. So while Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and Liam Neeson continue to lead , we’re seeing them guys paired with actresses like Amber Heard, Emily Blunt, and January Jones. Those same men used to star in with Winona Ryder, Renée Zellweger, and Jessica Lange. But those actresses are considered too old for those guys despite being roughly the same age.

The biggest age gaps of some of the on screen couples on this list may prove shocking. All of the pairings below have at least a 20 year age gap, and as the list progresses, the age gap gets bigger. One thing to note is that the list features films where age is not necessarily part of the plot, in fact, in most of these movies, the tremendous age difference is never even brought up.