Orgies, Homosexuality, and Prostitutes: What Sex Was Like During the Black Death

Have you ever wondered what sex during theĀ Black Death was like? It sounds sick and twisted, but life goes on, as they say, even during an epidemic. People are still people, even when a ton of people are dying (atĀ leastĀ 75 million died during the epidemic). Sex during the Black Plague (another common name for it) was in many ways a lot like sex during the rest of the Middle Ages, but the extremeĀ conditions led to some extreme expressions of sexuality.

Sexual activity during the Black Death was in some ways pretty wild, with some “revelers” deciding to hump the rest of their seemingly short lives away. But doctors at the time were also telling people to avoid overexerting themselves in the bedroomĀ because they thought the “bad air” would reach them easier if they did. ReadĀ on to learn more about what sex during the Black Death was really like.


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