32 Horrifying Panoramic Photo FAILs

These are the worst panoramic photos found on the internet. Sure, these are some funny panorama fails, but if any of the things in the pictures actually existed in real life they’d all immediately be shot. Except for the dogs and the weird mini horses. Those would be great

This Terrifying Creature Child

Dude Forgot to Glue Himself Together ROFL

We Adopted A Rescue Cerebus

IRL Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

A Horse in Motion

I Would Still Own This Dog

The Dumb Part Is That This Dog Costs Like 12 Dogs

It Comes Out of His Neck When He Feels Doubt

A Magician Killed This Kid

The Hunchback of Portland

Come Back, Leg! I’m a Dog!

When You Would Stack LEGO Torsos

The Public School System in 100 Years

Kangaroo Baby

This Stupid Looking Horse

This Dude from Another Dimension

This Funnel-Cake-Ass-Lookin Dude

Nice Cheeks, No Cheeks

This Guy’s Secret Arm Knew How Hungry He Was

This 12-Footed Cat

Just a Normal Bus Stop Guy

Arrr! I’m a Pirate Dog!

This Kid Holding His Own Monster Hand Thing


That’s Impressive Given That He’s Only Legs

Why Do Legs Even Need to Sit?

Sloth from Goonies

This Dude Dancing to a Sunset

Klingon Girlfriend Tries to Make a Point

Panoramic Picture or Dick Tracy Villain

It’s That Duck Dog

Caterpillar Twerkin’