Parents Are Sharing Their Biggest Fails And It’s Seriously Too Good

Raising kids is easy, said no one in the history of ever. Most parents realize their immense responsibility immediately. They know that if given the opportunity, children will wear the wackiest clothes,Ā draw the mostĀ absurd depictions of their parents, andĀ generally cause as much mischief as possible. Some parents, though, are a bit slow to recognize how dastardly an unsupervised child can be.Ā 

They may let their little tykes out of sight for a second, only to find child-causedĀ destruction that will take hours to repair. The humble progenitor will understand that mistakes do happen, perhaps takeĀ photos of their parenting fails, and then move on. The assembled photos below are some of their biggest parenting faux pas.Ā 

Hopefully, you’ll get a laugh from them and reassurance that there’s almost no way you could screw up as much as these parents.