Parents Are Sharing Their Biggest Fails And It’s Seriously Too Good

Raising kids is easy, said no one in the history of ever. Most parents realize their immense responsibility immediately. They know that if given the opportunity, children will wear the wackiest clothes, draw the most absurd depictions of their parents, and generally cause as much mischief as possible. Some parents, though, are a bit slow to recognize how dastardly an unsupervised child can be. 

They may let their little tykes out of sight for a second, only to find child-caused destruction that will take hours to repair. The humble progenitor will understand that mistakes do happen, perhaps take photos of their parenting fails, and then move on. The assembled photos below are some of their biggest parenting faux pas. 

Hopefully, you’ll get a laugh from them and reassurance that there’s almost no way you could screw up as much as these parents.

Hopefully No One Was Watching That

Her Parents Were Probably So Proud Of The Little Picaso

He Just Wanted To Help The Family Paint

Her Potty Training Went Seriously Wrong

He’d Never Want His Kids To Go Hungry, Or Thirsty For That Matter

Their Toddler Got Out Of Hand

He Probably Got More Than Seven Years Of Bad Luck

They Let A Lemur From The Zoo Hitch A Ride With Baby

Mom Just Wanted To Spell Love

Someone Really Liked Peanut Butter

What Kind Of Parents Did This Fish Come From?

Someone Didn’t Pack The Fridge Properly

It Didn’t Snow That Year So She Got Creative

Thrifty Mom And Dad Must Have Applied The Five Second Rule To Cat Food

Their Kid Got Lost In The Freezer Section

Those Parents Must Have Enrolled Him In Aerial Classes

His Parents Told Him That The World’s His Canvas

His Parents Encouraged Creativity Even On Picture Day

Hopefully Her Parents Cleaned Her Up After The Photo Op

This Kid Was Preparing For A Future In Retail

This Parent Went For Hilarious Instead Of Wholesome

Dad Just Assumed That Diapers Are Part Of The Dress Code

His Parent Must’ve Been So Proud That Day