28 People Who Accidentally Blended Into Their Surroundings

Cool color palettes and design trends are not limited to clothing; you might see certain styles mirrored in wallpaper, phone cases, even airport decor. So it’s not surprising that your favorite outfit could match the exact pattern on a bus seat, cafeteria floor, or hotel hallway. Fortunately for all of us, someone was around to capture these serendipitous moments. 

These Expertly Camouflaged Socks

   This Woman Who Sadly Lost Her Legs in a Sea of Carpet

This Lady Who Must Have Bought Her Shirt from the Same Designer Who Made That Wallpaper

  This Lady and Her Seemingly Impossible Coincidence

Is There Someone Even in This Photo?

This Man Who Found the Couch of His Dreams

This Traffic Cone Come to Life

This Person’s Awesome Sneakers That Look Just Like the Kitchen Tile

This Lady Whose Outfit Looks Suspiciously Like This Phone Case

This Woman Whose Top Matched Her Subway Seat Perfectly

This Girl Whose Top and Skirt Match This Carpet a Little Too Well

This Leopard Print Lover and Her New Favorite Bed

This Girl Whose Floral Print Dress Matches That Grandma Couch

This Girl Who Now Knows That Chevron Print Is Everywhere These Days

This Toddler Who Might Be a Fire Hydrant

This Portland Hipster Who Probably Moved to Oregon from California

This Guy and the Towel That Stole His Outfit

This Guy Who Accidentally Dressed Just Like the Store’s Model

This Man Blending in with His Bag Friends

This Woman Who Color Blocks Better Than Her Couch

This Woman Who Really Likes This Vitamin Drink

This Man Who Matched His Uniform to His Volleyball

This Guy’s Cosby-esque Sweater Matches His Booth

This Girl Whose Bikini Matches the Horizon

   Where’s Waldo? Between Those Crosswalk Markers!

   A Woman Who Found Her Comfy Chair Soulmate

   Spotted (Sorta) Under the Stall

 This Woman Who Got All Matchy-Matchy with the Tile Floor