People Describe Their Absolutely Creepy Brushes With Weird Strangers

 Meeting a new person can be exciting, but it comes with a risk. Even if the person is smiling and friendly, we can never know what is going inside that head. After reading these stories, you might want to rethink talking to that stranger during the middle of the night because there is always the possibility of encountering a creep. It could literally happen to anyone.

Man Walks into Bookstore and Gets Drugged by Middle-aged Woman

“I was driving home through back roads I had never been on and came across a book store in a tiny town in the woods. The bookstore was actually a house where the front of the home had been converted into a store. There was a box on the porch that said “$.50 books!” so I stopped to see if there were any Stephen King books in there.

A middle aged woman comes out with a huge smile and gives me a bowl of fruit and some tea. I’m like, “This place is awesome!” and rifled through the books while eating the fruit and downing the tea.

Inside the store/home, there were a lot of cool art books and stuff, so I spent some more time in there. She brought me more tea. Even when I said, “no thank you, that’s plenty,” she kept refilling. She gave me dessert, too – brownies and cookies.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was drugging me. It’s hazy to remember the details, but at some point, she closed the shop, telling me to take my time looking at the books. She told me that she was going to go take a shower and was gone for a while.

When I was ready to pay, I had to wander back through her house to find her. I found her in her bedroom. She was in bed. I’m pretty sure she was naked. At the time, I thought “Weird. She’s watching an exercise video in bed?” but later realized she was watching porn.

You might think this is hot, but it isn’t. She was my mom’s age and had been telling me how she reminded me of her kids in college, so not hot.

I told her I was ready to pay, and she told me how to open the register, so I went and opened it, put in what I thought I owed, took out the change, and left.

When I stumbled outside, a fire engine drove by, screaming with sirens. In the distance was the glow of a big forest fire, and the stars were being covered by smoke. A tall man on a horse watched the fire truck pass. He looked right at me, took a piece of wood or something out of his mouth, and said, “Town’s burnin’.”

I swear to God I have a crystal clear memory of this happening, even though I’m sure it couldn’t have. By this point, I guess I was seriously tripping balls on something. I’m not a drug guy, so I don’t know what I had, but I was out of my mind and could hardly walk.

I got back in my car, and drove home along twisting roads on tall cliffs above the ocean. Twice I realized I was on the wrong side of the road. One of the times I realized this was because a massive truck was headed straight for me, laying on the horn and flashing its lights.

I kept thinking about how my car could be like an airplane and a submarine if I drove it off the cliff. I can’t believe I made it home alive.

Later, I realized I was in that house for about four hours looking at books. At least that’s what I hope to hell I was doing.”

Woman Gets Flashed at Gas Station

“One time, I got a flat very late at night, so I pulled into a gas station. I tried putting air in my tire, but the valve broke off as I tried, causing the tire to completely deflate.

I was standing outside my car, talking to AAA when a large, older black man approached me. He disregarded the fact that I was on the telephone and asked if I needed help. A little weirded out, I smiled politely and thanked him, but told him I had AAA, and they would take care of me. He insisted that he would help me and gestured towards a silver car parked in the shadows, telling me he would drive me anywhere. I again thanked him and told him no. He then said he was there to buy a soda and asked if I wanted anything. At this point, I was fed up and a little scared, so I firmly told him he needed to go buy his soda, and I was going to get into my car now.

He walked off, I locked myself in the car, and the dispatcher at AAA, who had been on the phone for the entire conversation, asked if I wanted her to call the police. I told her, “No, it’s fine.” I didn’t want to come off as racist. God, I was an idiot. I’ve since learned the difference between racism and looking out for your personal well being.

“Well,” the woman from AAA said, “You might not think you’re in any danger, but I’m concerned, so I’m bumping you to the top of the list.” We hung up, and I sat in the car, bored.

At this point, I noticed my new friend had come out of the store and was standing about 20 feet from my car, staring at me. I thought this was very bizarre, and I started feeling a little nervous. I made sure my doors were safely locked.

Over the next 20 minutes or so, I would take sidelong glances in his direction to see if he was still there. Eventually, he disappeared, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, suddenly, I saw him again – he had stepped back inside the store and was crouched behind a window, staring directly at me. This was too much- racism or no, I was fucking freaked out. I called 911.

“911, what is your emergency?”

I explained the situation, and that I was scared.

“OK, I’ll dispatch an officer to you immediately.”

“Oh, no, that won’t be necessary. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Could you please just stay on the phone with me until the tow truck gets here? That way, if he approaches me again, I can show him I’m on the phone with the police.”

“Alright, sweetheart, can you tell me exactly where you are?”

“Sure. I’m at the Hess on Colonial and Mercy Drive, it looks like.”

The dispatcher paused.

“Miss, I don’t mean to alarm you, but I need to let you know you are currently stranded at one of the most dangerous intersections in the country. I’m dispatching an officer immediately. You need to promise that you won’t exit your car for any reason and do not hang up the phone until either a police officer or your tow truck is there.”

So, I stay on the phone, nervous, but not really thinking anything would happen. I would occasionally glance back at the store to see if Mr. Creeper was still there…until, finally, he disappeared!

I told the dispatcher, very relieved by this turn of events when suddenly, the man somehow appeared in front of my car! He was walking right towards me, straight into my headlights! He reached down to adjust his pants when – BAM. Yeah, that’s right. He pulled his penis out. I burst into tears and started shouting into the phone what was happening. I averted my eyes to the steering wheel, not wanting to look at it.

Now, since I was looking at my steering wheel, it came as quite a surprise when he appeared at my passenger door and tried to force his way in. Adrenaline is a funny thing; no longer was I a broken victim – I was pissed.

I started screaming all sorts of obscenities at him. I told him I was on the phone with the police, and they were going to put his ass in jail. The poor 911 dispatcher must have thought I opened my door to scream at him, so she in turn was screaming at me to shut the door and wait for the cops.

After maybe three minutes of screaming at him, he seemed to realize I wasn’t responding favorably to his attempts at wooing the gentle lady that I am. He strolled towards some gas pumps about 10 feet away and stayed there.

Several minutes after that, the tow truck rolled in. A gentlemen got out of the truck and started heading my way. He noticed I wasn’t getting out of my car to greet him, so he pointed at his hat, which proudly stated AAA. He got right up to my car door, and I shook my head violently, refusing to get out. I cracked the door open, and his face changed. He saw that I had tears running down my cheeks and mascara smeared under my eyes.

I explained quickly what had happened, nodding towards the man calmly standing by the gas pumps. He had put his d*ck away at this point.

I saw the tow truck driver’s face harden.

“Did that motherf*cker hit you?”

He thought the smeared mascara was, in fact, a set of black eyes. I shook my head no.

“Lock your doors and tell the police to get their f*cking asses here now. I’m going to make sure this sh*t head doesn’t leave.”

I watched him walk over to Mr. Creeper and held my breath, expecting fists to be thrown. Instead, I saw what looked like a very cordial conversation. I found out after that he decided to pleasantly ask for directions to keep him here.

Suddenly, we heard sirens. Mr. Creeper wildly looked in the direction of the sound, then directly at me, then glared at my “Knight in Rusty Armor.” He realized he had been tricked.

The police showed up, he was handcuffed, and I had to write the mother of all witness statements. They searched him, and it turns out he had a crack pipe on him, and that he was under the influence of cocaine.

That’s my story. It wasn’t pleasant, but I’m glad it happened to me, and I was able to get him arrested. I shudder to think what would have happened to some other poor girl if he had gone free that night.”

12-year-old Wakes up in Middle of Night and Encounters Intruder

“When I was about 12, I had a lot of issues with night terrors and rarely slept a whole night through.

One night, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I sat down half-asleep, thinking of nothing but emptying my bladder and going back to bed, when I see movement out of the corner of my eye. There was a man standing by the other door to the bathroom staring at me, not moving. He was wearing a tattered grey jump suit and had a crutch, little to no hair.

I don’t remember how I got down into the basement where my parents slept, but suddenly there I was, hysterical.

My dad finally went up and looked in the bathroom and kitchen. He saw nothing, but allowed me to sleep on the couch down there anyway. I didn’t fall back asleep.

About an hour or so later, I heard the sliding door to the bathroom from my sister’s room and limping footsteps.

The next morning, my dad searched around and noticed that the fridge and pantry had been raided. We never caught the guy.”

Girl Finds Bearded Man under Her Bed

“My sister had been taking sleeping pills because she was stressed out about the HSC (Australian version of SAT) and wasn’t getting much sleep. The problem was they were giving her weird night terrors. I don’t know why this didn’t make her stop taking them, but whatever.

Anyway, one night she thought she heard breathing under her bed so looked and saw a large bearded man in dirty clothes there. She screamed and ran to her parents room, but they dismissed it as just being the pills. She was semi-convinced, so she went back to bed and forced herself not to check under the bed again.

The next morning, they wake up, and the entire bottom floor of the house was messed up, and a bunch of stuff was stolen.”

Girl Helps Man Cross Street; He Shows His Empty Eye Socket

“I used to live next to an eye hospital.

One day, walking home, I was stopped by an old man who clearly had trouble seeing. He asked me to help him across the road to the hospital. I agreed, and he grabbed ahold of my hand very tightly.

At this point, I noticed his fingers were stained brown from tobacco, covered in scabs, and his fingernails were very long and dirty. I started to think that my good deed for the day would be a bit regrettable.

When we got to the other side of the road, he still had my hand grasped so tightly I couldn’t politely pull away.

“Do you want to see my eye?” he said.

One of his eyes was squeezed shut. With his free hand, he pulled the lids apart, and I realized to my horror that he had no eyeball, just an empty socket.

I started babbling (still trying to be polite) about how that was very interesting, but I had to go. Then he uttered the immortal words: “Do you want to put your finger in there?” He was pulling really hard on my hand trying to force my fingers into his empty eye socket.

At this point, I gave up on politeness and struggled my hand free and just ran for it. I could hear him laughing as I ran off.”

Teen Gets Chased by Man While Walking Home at Night

“I was 16 and walking home from work late at night when a guy pulled up beside me and started asking, “Do you live around here?” and “Where are your parents?”

His questions got more personal; he asked me what school I went to, where I worked, etc. Then out of nowhere, he said, “You’re a really brave girl for being out alone this late. You know I’d really like to f*ck you.”

I was scared sh*tless and didn’t know what to do.

Then he said, “I’ll be right back,” and drove off.

Once he left, I started bolting the rest of the way home thinking he’d come back and rape and kill me if I didn’t make it home quickly enough.

He swerved back a few minutes later and saw me running, pulled up closer to me, and began screaming for me to get in his car. I just kept running as he trailed me, and I ended up hurrying into a 24-hour store and called my dad for a lift (who was just really annoyed I’d woken him up and didn’t care at all about what was happening).

Later on, I felt stupid for disclosing so much personal info to a stranger, and I now realize he was only trying to gauge my vulnerability. I was terrified he’d track me down for a bit, but I never saw him again – I think.”

Man Recalls Time He Was Almost Kidnapped

“I didn’t realize until years later that I was almost snatched.

I grew up in a small town. I was out playing in the yard with my two younger siblings like every other summer day.

A guy pulled up alongside the yard in a truck and called me over. He asked my name and if I was having a good summer. He said he could really use my help since he was out looking for his lost puppy.

“I could show you a photo of the puppy if you come closer,” he said. “No, closer. The picture is small. Can you please help me?”

I yelled to my brother on the other side of the yard, “Dan, come help us find a puppy!”

I have to assume he thought I yelled “Dad” because he noped out of there without another word. I remember being really worried about that puppy until we had an assembly at our primary school about things strangers might say to lure you into their vehicles.”

Girl Catches Man Leaving Her Bedroom While Home Studying

This happened to a friend of mine.

It was a Sunday. She came home to her apartment from running errands around 1 pm. She was in med school at this time, so she pretty much parked herself at the kitchen table and studied for the next 5 to 6 hrs.

She was sitting there when she looks up to see a dude casually stroll out of her bedroom. There are no other entrances, and she’s been sitting by the front door, so he was there the entire time she has been home.

He paused at the doorway to her kitchen, between her and the door. She basically froze.

Then, her phone rang and kind of startled both of them. She ran to get the phone, and he ran out the door. She moved and got an enormous dog.

HE WAS IN HER APARTMENT THE WHOLE TIME. This is one of my biggest fears.”

Child Spots Smiling Woman Crouching Behind a Car

“When I was a child, I was always stricken by this irrational fear that when I went outside at night, I had to walk STRAIGHT into the house without looking back because if I looked back, someone would be following me.

One day after dinner, I went out to the car to get my bookbag, and I was continuing my ritual of walking straight inside without looking back, adrenaline pumping, anxiety going full force, and I just stopped and said to myself, “This is stupid.”

I made myself look back.

When I looked back, I saw what appeared to be someone crouched down behind my mom’s car and was peeking their head around. They were just staring at me and smiling.

It appeared to be a woman in her mid-30’s, maybe 40, with curly short blonde hair. We made eye contact for a second, and then she ducked back behind the car where I couldn’t see her.

I stood frozen for a second and then ran inside. I told my mom, we went outside to check – no one was there. My mom didn’t exactly not believe me, but she wasn’t very concerned either.”

Biker Meets Serial Stabber

“I love to ride my bike along country roads. Not far from where I live is a tiny town called Three Oaks, Michigan.

One Saturday, my wife was working, and I had nothing to do, so I strapped my bike to my car and drove the hour to Three Oaks. I parked in the scenic downtown area, and then rode out of the town and into the surrounding countryside.

As I wound my way further into the remote countryside, houses, businesses, and cars grew increasingly scarce. Eventually, there were only an occasional house or two every half-mile or so and corn fields and small woods flanking the dirt and gravel roads that I pedaled down.

It’s on one of those back roads where a minivan drove past me. Within moments of it passing, it turned around pulled up alongside me. I looked over and the passenger, a woman in her mid to late 20’s, was looking at me with her window down. The driver, a man of seemingly the same age, leaned over the passenger and said to me in a slight southern drawl and with a big smile on his face, “Hey, do you know David Crist?”

I thought for a brief second, but I don’t know any David Crist, so I said so.

The driver said, “You don’t know of him at all?”

I said that I didn’t and apologized, and then pedaled on. The van sat for a moment longer and then pulled a U-turn and drove off in the direction it was originally heading.

I thought nothing of the encounter. Maybe the driver was a friend of David Crist, and he thought we had met through David or something. I don’t know. At the time, I didn’t think I had any reason to worry.

I continued on my ride, turning down this road and heading north, and then turning down that road and heading east. I didn’t have any agenda. I was just out to enjoy the summer day and meander through the relaxing countryside.

Maybe 10 minutes later, and on an entirely new road and heading an entirely different direction from the one I had first met the van, I saw the van again. We were heading toward each other, and I gave a smile and nod as I passed the driver. I remember thinking it was an odd coincidence that I should come across this van again. The driver stared as he passed, and he had a big smile on his face.

At this point, I began wondering what they were doing. They might be lost and looking for this David Crist guy or maybe they’re just enjoying a scenic drive and thought I looked like a friend of a friend or something. I didn’t know, but at that point I was starting to think about the situation a little more critically.

I continued taking a twisting, turning, meandering path. Taking this road, and then turning onto that, heading north, south, west, east.

Then, I came across the van again. Again, they were heading in my direction, and I pulled alongside them.

The driver rolled down his window and leaned out. He was a late-20’s white man with a few inches of a goatee and a baseball cap. He had a large smile plastered across his face again.

I stopped my bike and looked at him, waiting for him to say something, and he just looked at me for a good 30 seconds. Now, 30 seconds doesn’t sound like a long time, but you go flag down a stranger and then just look at them for 30 seconds, and you’ll realize that, in that kind of situation, 30 seconds is a lifetime.

Finally, he spoke and said, “Hey, do you know David Crist?”

Same damn question. This time, there was no smile on his face. He stared at me, and I was thinking to myself, “Is he joking? Does he really not remember he asked me this same question 20 minutes ago? Is he just being funny? Is he high as hell?”

After a moment, I told him that I still didn’t know anyone by the name of David Crist, and I pedaled off down the road. It’s at that time that I realized exactly in how remote of an area I was. I peered down the road I was on, and I didn’t see a house on its entire length. I was flanked by a cornfield on one side and a forest on the other.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the van slowly driving down the road away from me. It couldn’t be a coincidence that I came across this van three times now, not with me taking random roads heading different directions. It made no sense why anyone driving would take that same maze of roads. The only thing they could have been doing was just driving around, maybe a pleasure drive, but why would they stop me and ask that same question twice? It was quite strange, and I was beginning to become a little concerned.

I decided to begin to head back toward the town center. I pedaled hard, and the gravel road ahead of me continued with a bend to the right, and a dirt path, for it couldn’t really be called a road, to the left.

As I neared the fork, who should come around the bend but the damn van. I gripped my pocket knife, which I always take with me on rides like this – just in case – and then realized, all they would have to do is run me down with the van, and I would be in serious trouble.

As the van drew closer, I was ready to jump off and run into the cornfields.The van slowed down as it approached me, and the driver rolled his window down and leaned out again, but this time I didn’t stop riding. I increased my speed even though I knew I could never outrun the van if they gave chase. I looked over my shoulder and saw the van sitting in the middle of the road. I took the right fork and continued on the gravel road until I could no longer see the van behind the corn rows and then I stopped.

I got off my bike and crept along the cornfield until I was at its edge, and I peeked down the road I had just been on. The van was in the distance driving away from me. I ran back to my bike, and then as soon as the van was entirely out of sight, I turned around and took the left fork along the dirt path.

I rode as fast I could, knowing that if the in the van had nefarious things in mind, and if they caught me on this dirt path, flanked by cornfields and far from an area that anyone would come across us, that would be the time they attacked. My ruse worked, or perhaps the van was never after me at all, and I made it the rest of the way to the town center without seeing them again.

When I got home later that day, I was still replaying the events in my head and the name David Crist kept creeping through my mind. Was David Crist someone famous, I wondered, like a musician. Should I have known David Crist?

I decided to Google the name. I tried a couple of different spellings for Krist, but it was the Crist spelling that revealed a terrifying result.

I came across a newspaper article from Knoxville, TN. The article explained how a man named David Crist had turned himself in after stabbing another man at a gas station in 2013. The article included a photo of this criminal David Crist, and I believe it was the same man that was driving the van. Add a baseball cap and a few inches of a goatee, and the man in the van was a dead ringer for David Crist in the article. I did an inmate search of the Knox County prison, and there was no David Crist in the inmate population. Somehow David Crist had gotten out of prison, or maybe he was never convicted, as I couldn’t find any articles about sentencing, in less than two years after stabbing a guy and for some reason he had made his way to Michigan.

Why was he driving along these back roads? Who was the woman in the passenger seat, and why the hell did he keep asking if I knew of him?

Do I know David Crist? Yes, I do now.”

Woman Gets Pursued by Two Guys

“I was walking home from the beach one day around noon, and a guy driving down the street in a Ford Escape slows down, and in slightly broken English, asks me how much. I tell him to f*ck off, and he tells me $200 for an hour.

At this point, I’m walking faster, and his car is keeping pace with me. He crosses two lanes and parks in a driveway in front of me and opens his door, and a passenger door opens as well. Another guy steps out and walks towards me.

I start screaming my head off and cussing them out, trying to draw attention on this busy street while fishing my knife out of my bag. I walked into the street and around the car, call my boyfriend, and tell them it’s the cops. I give my boyfriend their license plate number and almost run to his house because it was about a block away.

They followed me for another minute and then drove past me really fast while calling me a “f*cking c*nt.” I was 16 at the time, and I really wish I had called the cops because as an adult, I am 100% sure I was about to be kidnapped and raped.”

Stranger Asks to Use Phone, Then Tries Forcing Himself Inside Home

When I was younger, my dad was out of town, and my mom let me have a few friends over. We lived right by a pretty busy highway and over three years, we had quite a few people knock on our door for help (car broke down, lost, accident, etc.).

While my mom was home with us, a man knocked saying he wanted to borrow the phone. My mother told him he could sit on the porch and use her cellphone. The man kept asking to come inside and asking if my dad was home. He eventually started trying to force his way inside. My mom slammed and locked the door, called 911, and put me and my friends into a closet.

It took the police department 20 minutes to reach us. By that time, my mom had called our neighbor, and he came over with his shotgun and made the guy lie on the ground until the police arrived.”

Family Gets Picked up by Stranger Who Takes Them Somewhere Else

“Back in the 70’s, my grandfather dropped my grandmother, mom, and her two sisters off to do some shopping on his way to work. Since he wasn’t able to pick them up, they hitchhiked home.

My mom at the time was only around 10 or 11, middle sister would’ve been about 7 or 8, and the youngest was about a year old.

They get picked up by a guy in a pickup truck, who has them all sit in the back row with one of them holding the baby. My grandmother was giving directions to their home from the highway, but the guy ignored her and went by their exit, claiming he had to make a stop first. He didn’t really say much else to them during the drive, but my mom remembers my grandmother being very quiet and very nervous.

Eventually, they come up to a farm when the driver tells them to wait in the car and goes inside the house. While he’s gone, they just sit there terrified. They’re in the middle of nowhere and know they couldn’t make it out on foot.

A few minutes later, the driver comes out with a second guy who looks into the truck and sees my mom’s youngest sister. He starts flipping out, screaming at the driver that he shouldn’t have brought the baby back, and that they aren’t going to do anything with her and some other things I can’t remember. He ends up telling him to get them away from the farm.

The driver gets back into the truck, apologizes, and they get back on the highway and drive again in silence.

My grandmother, normally a very smart woman, had him drive directly to their house (although I suspect her reasoning was she’d already given him the address before anything seemed off). They lived at that house for several years and luckily never saw either of them a second time.”

Girl Is Startled by Guy Watching Her from Window

“Several years ago, I lived in a semi-underground basement apartment. Basically, the house was just enough underground that the windows were just a couple of inches off the ground on the outside.

So, one night, I’m washing dishes in the kitchen, which had a window to my left which was open. I’m almost finished when a voice whispers, “Looking good there with the dishes.” There was someone crouched down by the window on the outside who had been watching me for who knows how long.

Unfortunately for creep boy, I was washing the knives, and as I turned, he evidently got scared by the gigantic chef’s knife I was brandishing in his general direction, and he ran off.

I hated that apartment.”

Man Gets into Staring Contest with Person Wearing a Skull Mask

“I used to live in a rented house that sat across the street from a fairly bustling city park. At night, when the park was deserted, I would walk out my front door and sit on my porch and look at the trees and the stars.

One night, around 1 am, I opened the front door and started to sit down. That’s when I saw a man standing in the deserted park. He was directly in front of my house. The man was dressed all in black and was wearing a Halloween skull mask. The mask seemed fairly intricate, but was most definitely a store bought cheapo.

The sight of this guy sent a chill down my spine. He didn’t move at all, although I know he saw me.

The entire neighborhood was silent and still, and we just paused there holding our ground. We watched each other for a long time and then he sauntered away.

I ended up calling the cops because I figured this guy was casing the neighborhood. Cops came and took my statement. Nothing ever came of it.

Couple of months later, I’m doing some yard work around the side of my house. I’m pulling a huge tangle of weeds out from a thicket underneath my kitchen window. I see something that looks like trash, pick it up: it’s the mask I saw that night.”

Family Is Followed by Cars Driven by People Wearing Horse Masks

“I was on vacation in Hawaii with my family, in an area of the Big Island that was pretty sparsely populated (down near the southern point). We pulled off of the main road to go check out what was supposedly a really nice place to check out the sunset. It was getting sort of late, twilight time, and we finally got down to the spot (some of the roads are pretty rough on that island, most of it is pretty secluded).

We pulled into a spot, and there were two other cars in the parking lot, both older, rusty trucks. We figured they were probably there for the sunset as well, so we got out of the car and walked around to look. I happened to glance back at the trucks, and noticed something really strange.

In the front seats of both cars were two people wearing those weird horse head masks, not saying anything, not moving, just sitting there. I thought, “Okay, that’s really odd,” and I tapped my mom on the shoulder to point it out. She glanced over and saw the same thing. My dad just laughed it off, claiming they were prankster teenagers.

I waited a few more minutes, glancing back at them, before saying that I was getting really weirded out (they still hadn’t moved at all), and that I wanted to leave. My mom agreed, so we started going back to our car.

I looked back at the trucks, and the window had rolled down on the side facing us, and the people in the masks had turned and started staring at us as we walked back to our car. We got back in and backed up, then started leaving. I looked behind us, and the people had leaned out of their windows and were watching us leave, still with the masks on.

The road was dirt and really potholed, so it was slow going. After a few minutes of driving, they appeared behind us. I looked back out the window, and they were all still wearing their masks, just staring at us.

We got back on the main road and drove away from the house we were renting, and they followed us. The nearest police station was about a half hour away, but we drove right to it.

When we pulled in, they kept going, but they all turned to look at us as they went past, still with the masks on. We waited for about a half hour at the station, and eventually went back to the house, after we were sure they weren’t following us.

I spent the rest of the vacation f*cking terrified that they’d somehow follow us. I still don’t know what it was. Maybe some locals having a laugh at tourists by creeping them out, maybe something worse.”

Family Has Eerie Encounter with Shrieking Old Lady

“About 15 years ago, my mom and cousin were coming home from visiting my aunt who lived two hours away. The drive takes you through the desert and up some mountains, but there is a shortcut you can take to avoid the mountains and shave about 10 minutes off your drive time – only problem is the shortcut takes you literally through the middle of nowhere. It’s a two-lane road with nothing for 30 miles – no houses, no shops, no lights, not even those roadside emergency phone booths.

They’re driving along through the shortcut at about 11 pm when they spot something on the road. At first, my cousin thinks it’s a rock, so she slows down to go around it. When she gets closer she realizes it’s a lady with long black hair and what looks like a burlap shawl wrapped around her. She’s crouched down facing away from my cousin.

My mom says that she thought the lady might have been in trouble, so they pull up next to her and ask if she’s OK and if she needs help. My cousin says the lady stood up and looked at them and let out a shriek like a goddamn banshee. She insists that her eyes were pitch black, and her skin was as white as a sheet, and she was really skinny, like almost anorexic skinny. I debate this because it was dark out and her mind might have been playing tricks on her, but none the less it was enough to spook the hell out her and make her punch the accelerator and get out of there.

The lady briefly ran after them, but they lost sight of her after a short bit. They didn’t stop for anything, even running a stop sign, until they got to the next town where they stopped at a gas station to get something to drink and to collect their thoughts.

A few weeks later, my cousin was telling her coworker what happened, and she said it might have been a skinwalker that she saw and that she’s lucky she got away. That spooked her even worse, so now she won’t go through the shortcut. Even when someone else is driving, she insists on taking the main highway.

My mom maintains that it was probably some crazy lady on drugs.”

Boy Is Repeatedly Touched by Man on Crowded Escalator

“I was about 10, and I am a male, for reference.

My mother, my sister, and I were at JCPenney sometime during the weekend (I remember because the mall was crowded as hell). We were going down an escalator, and it was packed. I was standing behind my mom, and next to my sister, and I felt someone get close behind me, and he began to playfully bump my rear end with his knee.

My first thought was something along the lines of thinking that my father, or one of my uncles had come to the mall to surprise us, but when I turned around, I stared in the smiling face of a clean-cut, male in his 40’s. Every time I tried to scoot away, he got closer, and I was pressed up against my mom.

After we got off the escalator, my mom scolded both my sister and I for trying to go down the escalator because she couldn’t go anywhere, and she thought we were just being impatient. When I told her what was going on, the creeper was too far to confront.

We ended up filing a police report, but the creepiest part, to me at least, was that pedophiles come in all shapes, sizes, and they can be undetectable.”