People Who Died (And Almost Died) From Having Huge Breasts

When it comes to breasts, many think the bigger the better. That being said, sometimes large breasts can actually turn deadly. That’s right, you can be killed by breasts, and death by boobs can take down either the person who has them or the person they’re with. You can be smothered by breasts during sex, your implants could burst, or they could simply be the motivation for a murder. No matter what the reason, huge breasts can be a serious risk to your health and livelihood.

People who have the largest breasts in the world tend to get a lot of attention, and sometimes its the attention that leads ladies with big bazoongas to take someone else’s life (or their own.) These women who desired big breasts – and the deadly effects those breasts sometimes had – might make you appreciate the smaller, less complicated breasts of the world.