33 Times People Made Innocent Things Horribly Inappropriate

People have been bored by statues since they were invented, so why not have some fun with them? Funny sculpture pictures almost always come from the most innocent status. Famous statues of naked women or men aren’t usually the victims of the photographic ridicule of the public, but those unassuming Ronald McDonalds, Peter Pans, and other well-meaning characters sure are!


Cupid About to Bust Some Ass

This Woman Getting a Copper Spanking

The Cutest Dance Partners Ever

This Cop Getting a Little Handsy

Selfie-Obsessed Ben Franklin

This Dastardly Fiend!

The Home-Run Hitter

A UC Bear and His Gwen Stacy

A Chipmunk Getting Frisky With a Ceramic Frog

Why Is Elderly Neil Patrick Harris Strangling Spider-Man?

These Guys Who Have Been Workin’ on the Railroad All the Livelong Day

“Unhand My Child Immediately!”

This Guy Taking a Gamble with His Life

This Girl with a ’90s Sense Of Humor

This Sneaky Suitcase Thief

This Careless Unicyclist

Rolling Joints for the Founding Fathers

This Girl Who Messed with the Trunchbull

If You Liked It Then You Should’ve Put a Ring on It

This Sentinel of a Man

Leaning Into Her Kiss

This Master of Jiu-Jitsu

These People Being Dragged Against Their Will

Stanley TOLD Her to Get Directions BEFORE They Got on the Highway, But of Course She Didn’t Listen

Ronald McDonald About to Lay the Smackdown on Someone

The Most Presumptuous Kid Ever

Stop Interrupting This Bear!

He Seems Positively Tickled By the Idea

This Epic High Five

This Black-Out Drunk Snoopy Won’t Remember This in the Morning

Alright, Now Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

This Man Riding This Epic Hawk

Just a Couple of Bros Chugging Some Beers