These People May Not Know Exactly What Their Shirt Says

First and foremost, we feel the need to warn you upfront that if you consider yourself easily offended, then you may wanna go ahead and take this opportunity to run screaming into the night because it’s all disastrously downhill from here, toots! If however, you find the sight of foreign people wearing offensive English t-shirts as hilarious as the time when your friend’s trendy Japanese “courage” tattoo actually read “dickhead,” then you’re in good company.
Here we’ve collected a group of unsuspecting non-English speakers, from small children to old ladies, all of whom have no idea that they’re wearing swear words on their shirts. These English shirts range from the wildly offensive to the randomly translated, bearing everything from insanely racist or sexist terms to sentences that don’t even make an effort to make sense.
So the next time you’re feeling inspired to pimp that cool looking Chinese character shirt, take a peek through these funny English language shirts to assess the risk that may be unknowingly involved. The bad boys you’ll see here are like an X-rated cautionary tale of exactly how wrong wearing a language you don’t understand can go.