People Shared Their Genius (But Kind Of Sinister) Office Pranks That Will Seriously Make You Laugh

You clock in at work in the early morning, punch out in the afternoon for lunch, and clock out for good when evening approaches. The schedule is predictable – monotonous even – and sometimes you crave just a bit of variety to spice up the day. There’s a way to make the office seem a tiny bit more fun, though. You have coworkers, and coworkers aren’t just good weather conversationalists; they’re also the perfect patsies to prank. Now you, of course, shouldn’t take advantage of your fellow workmates, but you can prank them in good fun.

Certain Reddit pranksters have even contributed stories about their wild office pranks, and their genius stunts can serve as great inspiration. Prank a coworker, why don’t you? He or she will probably appreciate the break from boredom – or leave a passive aggressive note if they don’t particularly enjoy it. A slew of hilarious office pranks are below, ready to be added to your arsenal.

  1. They Replaced A Coworker’s Family Photos


    “One of my coworkers has a ton of family pictures all over his desk and walls. I was slowly changing them all to pictures of me. I worked really hard to find similar pictures to replace them. I even traveled to some of the places to replicate them. I just about had them all when another guy we worked with asked him why he had so many pictures of me. He thought this married guy had a crush on me or something.”

  2. They Pretended To Scratch A Manager’s Brand New Car


    “You know how you can fray Duct tape and pull off long little sticky threads of it?

    “So I pulled off a single long piece of it, and put it down the side of my manager’s brand new car. Looks like a deep, horrifying scratch on the paintwork.

    “The look on his face when we went out for a smoke. He threw his hands onto his head, his knees went weak and he basically crawled over to it, and pulled the thread of sticky duct tape off easily.”

  3. He Replaced His Coworker’s Business Clothes With Hawaiian Shirts


    “There’s a guy in my office who often comes to work in jeans and a t-shirt and changes into his work clothes in his office. He’s taken over half of a closet next to my cubicle with his dress clothes.

    “A few years ago, on March 31, I came into the office around midnight and swapped his clothes for some Hawaiian shirts, checked pants, basically a whole wardrobe of the loudest clothes I could find at a thrift store.

    “When I got there the next morning, he was closed up in his office. His secretary told me that he’d been having a pretty rotten week in terms of workload and was in a foul mood. Finally, he emerged wearing his jeans and t-shirt. He sort of grunted a hello at me, opened the closet door, and just stood there for probably 10-15 seconds trying to wrap his brain around what was in front of him. Finally he just started cracking up laughing, and put on one of the more “understated” outfits. He spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who had done it; meanwhile, people from all around the office came to behold my handiwork. I finally fessed up at the end of the day. He swore revenge although he still hasn’t made his move.”

  4. He Made A Coworker Think A Paperclip Was Stuck In The Copy Machine


    “I made 20 copies of a paperclip and put them in the paper tray of copier. A woman in my office made a copy and got the paperclip in the pictures and thought there was a paperclip in the copy machine somewhere. She was searching and searching and even went and got a flashlight and started looking everywhere in the machine. She was opening up drawers and panels for 20 minutes. It was pretty fun to watch.”

  5. He Took A Coworker’s Pencil On Trips Around The World


    “Not me, but a guy I know. He stole a coworker’s novelty giant pencil, then started emailing said coworker in-character as the pencil, with photos of the pencil in different locations around Europe.

    “He even got another coworker in on the act to deflect suspicion away from himself, and used proxies to insure the emails couldn’t be traced back to him.

    “The original owner of the pencil got so pissed off, it initiated a company-wide hunt for the perpetrator. So far as I know, it was never resolved, and Pencil McPencilface roams the world to this day.”

  6. He Sent His Coworker On A Wild Goose Chase For Nicolas Cage Photos


    “Printed out nine pictures of Nicolas Cage, hid them throughout a coworker’s cubicle, then admitted it was me that hid 10 pictures of Nic Cage.”

  7. They Put Adult Entertainment On A Coworker’s USB Drive


    “I created a folder on a coworkers USB drive that said COW PORN. He opened the drive in front of a customer. It was pretty hilarious. A few months later he was fired for downloading porn on the company network.”

  8. They Made A Coworker’s Desktop Unusable


    “Make a screen shot of a persons desktop, then delete all the icons and make the screen shot the desktop and watch the humor begin.”

  9. He Created A Fake World For His Boss To Spy On


    “I work in electronics, but most of my coworkers are Luddites. I’m technically in purchasing and sales, but I’m the de facto IT guy as well, since I know how to read manuals. Tormenting them on a continuing basis makes my day better…

    “My boss (the owner of our company) likes to hang out at home and watch us over the camera system. Our system also alerts me whenever someone logs on remotely, but he thinks he’s being secret squirrel. I connected a DVD player to one of the inputs (the one that normally looks over my shoulder all day) and played various loops on repeat of other security footage through it that I found online. This went on for months of him thinking it was a glitch that allowed him a glimpse into other peoples’ systems. He even saw the DVD player and asked about it being in the equipment rack once, but didn’t think twice when I told him it was from home and I was testing it.

    “One day he finally mentioned that he witnessed a robbery, and was “pretty sure” it was a liquor store up the street (it wasn’t). I knew what he saw, and what it was, but my coworkers gathered around to hear the telling. It wasn’t until I asked him what he meant by “pretty sure” if he’d been there to watch it happen in the first place. Well first he kind of waffled about it, and then came clean that one of our DVRs was glitched and he’d been spying into the lives of other peoples’ front porches, loading docks, stores, and weather towers. Fast forward a couple months, and now half the office logs in randomly throughout the day/night. I make a new disc every couple weeks, and reuse quite a bit of footage where nothing of note is actually happening. I’ve been toying with the idea of upping the stakes with a few select clips from elsewhere (pornhub), but I kind of want to see how long I can keep up the game.”

  10. She Sent A New Coworker Out For “Ice Mix”


    “I used to work in this restaurant in the downtown area of my city which had several restaurants near by. Whenever we would get a new dishwasher or inexperienced cook we would say something like, ‘Hey, we’re out of ice mix, head to restaurant X and grab some.’ The other restaurants were in on this and the poor kid would be sent restaurant to restaurant until he caught on.”

  11. They Lowered A Coworker’s Chair And Caused A Major Physical Altercation


    “Every single day for probably two years, I would step into the marketing guy’s office and lower his chair as low as it would go. I found the guy really annoying, so it was, from my view, just a harmless prank.

    “I guess I overdid it though. One day my assistant editor was sitting in the marketing guy’s chair, and the marketing guy lost his mind and beat the living sh*t out of him…

    “Honestly, it was pretty scary. Neither of them stayed at the company after that. I only confided in one person at that company that I was the one lowering the chair every morning. She never said a word, and I don’t play pranks anymore.”

  12. They Pretended To Drink Urine


    “I worked at a home health agency so there were nurses, PTs and such at the office all the time. Jerry and I decide to prank Tom. Jerry gets a urine sample cup and fills it with apple juice and we leave it on Tom’s desk. He’d figure a nurse stopped by for something and left it. So Tom sees it on his desk and asks me and Jerry if we know we left the cup of urine on his desk. We both shrug. Then Jerry says “I’m not sure that’s urine.” I reply “Yeah, it’s urine, it’s in a sample container. Who’s name is on it?”

    “Jerry checks, no name. I take the cup from him and sniff it. ‘It’s urine,’ I reply. Jerry says, ‘I’m not so sure.’ All the while Tom is just staring at us. I’m a half second away from laughing so I speed up our planned routine and open the cup and drink half of it. ‘It’s urine.’ Then Tom’s jaw drops. Jerry points at Tom and says, ‘April Fools!’

    “Tom turned pale and didn’t speak for about another minute.”

  13. They Filled A Coworker’s Mailbox With Random Subscriptions


    “Started signing up a coworker for spam mailings to fill up his physical mailbox. Started out small enough with things like Good Housekeeping, J. Crew catalog, etc, but got progressively weirder until his small cubby hole of a mail box was overflowing with Black Entrepreneurs Monthly and Alpaca Breeders Quarterly on a daily basis. He never found out who was doing it. Even when he moved on to a different job, we started signing him up for mailings at his new company.”

  14. They Flipped A Coworker’s Monitor Upside Down


    “Once a co-worker did not lock his workstation. I flipped his monitor screen upside down and took a screenshot. Removed all hidden desktop icons and start bar. Flipped the screen upright. So while the desktop looked normal the mouse would move in the opposite direction and he could not click on anything. He got really upset when he could not clock back in and I helped him then.”

  15. She Pretended To Fling Snot In Her Coworker’s Mouth


    “We ordered Chinese takeout for lunch, and I had just gotten over a cold. I took a chunk of my egg drop soup and hid it in my hand, pretended to sneeze, and discreetly flung my soup chunk at my coworker.

    “It landed, of all places, on his lips.

    “My other coworkers were hysterical, I laughed so hard I peed my pants, and my victim asked me if I was ready to die.”

  16. They Replaced Animal Crackers With Dog Biscuits


    “My boss kept stealing my food. I would buy a bag of chips, and by the time I was ready for a snack, they were gone. Decided to buy a box of animal crackers, and filled the box with dog biscuits. My boss called me things I have never heard before.”

  17. He Made His Coworker A Fake Folder That Couldn’t Be Deleted


    “Made a new folder on his desktop called Russian Dwarf Porn and then took a screenshot. Set the screenshot as his desktop background. For an engineer it took him a ridiculous amount of time before he realized why he couldn’t delete the folder.”

  18. He Put A Penny In A Coworker’s Boot Everyday For A Month


    “Everyday I would get into the locker room before him and place one penny in his right boot. This went on for 2 months. After about a week and a half I could see him getting frustrated. After a while it just became the norm for him to shake the penny out of his right boot everyday. He wasn’t frustrated anymore, he was defeated, and just accepted it now.

    “So, one day I decided to put it in his left boot. He came in shook his right boot out like usual, but nothing fell out. He looked so relieved, like a huge weight had been lifted. Then he put on his left boot on, and just f*ckin lost it. He slung that boot across the locker room with all his might, cussing and calling out whoever did this to him. I stopped f*cking with him after that. I plan on putting a penny in his boot once a year from now on just to remind him. Nobody knows it was me placing the penny and I plan on keeping it that way.”

  19. He Pretended To Hammer His Own Finger


    “I borrowed a hammer from my boss to hang a picture. Then I went back and borrowed a nail. Then I put a fake bent nail around my finger and covered it with ketchup and started hammering and screamed. He came running in and saw it and started hyperventilating saying he had to take me to the ER. He was freaking out so bad, I was laughing so hard he thought I was crying, and that was the beginning of the prank war.”

  20. He Tricked His Coworker Into Drawing On His Own Face

    Redditor cplcarlman:

    “Used to work in a maintenance shop. We were always pulling pranks on each other. The prank I pulled on the shop clerk:

    “I took a pencil and rubbed the lead all the way around the outer rim of a quarter. I actually did this right in front of the guy, but for some reason he didn’t notice what I was doing. I then bet him the quarter that he couldn’t roll the quarter down the middle of his face from his forehead to his chin without it losing contact with his skin. I told him it was a scientific fact that once the quarter rolls to the tip of his nose it will not be able to make contact with his upper lip immediately.

    “For some reason he said, ‘I bet I can!’ He then proceeded to roll the quarter down his face leaving a perfect line of pencil lead down the middle of his face.

    “It took everything I had not to burst out laughing, while he proudly pocketed the quarter. About a half-hour later one of the electricians that worked at the shop came in, took one look at the clerk’s face and asked him what was on his face. He went to the bathroom and took it really well.”