People Who Are Way Better at Drinking than You Are


Everyone claims to be good at drinking, but few can really back it up. Professional drinkers spend years perfecting their craft and they take pride in their work. If you’ve thought improving your drinking skills lately, this gallery of drinking pictures is the perfect place to start your research. These are who are way better at drinking than you are… right now. With hard work and dedication, you could be this good at drinking in a matter of weeks. Responsibly, of course. Please make sure you drink responsibly.

The Glass is Always Half Full

Marriage Material

Sixth Sense

4 Beers Are Better than 1

Going off the Deep End

Wine Not

Three’s Company

This Must Be Heaven

Portion Control

One Martini to Rule Them All

Conan’s Wine Hat

Baby Got Beer

Going the Distance

Party of One

Tour De Beer

Om Nom Nom

When in China

Irish Shower

Cocktails and Dreams

I Mustache You a Question

Doing the Best You Can

Just Drink One Glass Per Day

On All Fours

Good Word of Mouth

Drinking like a Fish