Pets Who Don’t Understand Glass Surfaces

We’ve gathered a collection of that have no idea why their treats have suddenly decided to stop and hang suspended in midair and on glass tables that don’t understand why their floating aren’t yielding to their usual bats. There are also a couple of larger fur-balls (like bears and lions and stuff) who are just as mystified by the glass barriers that present inconveniences when it comes to making contact with the tasty looking standing outside their habitats at the zoo.
So lets visit this group of irresistible and pets who just don’t understand glass surfaces. Not only will this list make you smile, it’s a great one to have around the next time you’re having an off-day. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not the only one who has to take a minute to fully comprehend the complexities of life

“How You Get on the Other Side?!”

“Just Because You Can’t See it, Doesn’t Mean it Isn’t There.”

“Must. Bat. Faster.”

Patty Cake = Nailing It

“Invisible Force Field. I Think I Has One.”

How Aimless Floater Manatee Decides When It’s Time to Change Direction.

Alternate Dimension Leap

“Texture. This Air Has It.”

Uninvited Window Washer Bear Assures You, He Does Take

“Flotation Powerz. I Has Them.”

Around the 20 Minute Mark, Socks Resolved to Stop Hitting the Catnip So Hard at Night

“Why. Isn’t. This. Working?”

Suspicious Cat Can Not Yet Prove it, But Holds Sneaking Suspicion There Is Cheating Going On

“I’ve No Idea What I’m Doing… But it Feels Awesome!”

Fishing: You’re Doin’ it Wrong

Over-Enthusiastic Hug in 3… 2… 1″

“Injustice. Ur Definin’ it Right.”

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