Photos That Are Funny Because They’re True

When something sounds funny because it’s true, it likely also lands with a bit of a punch to the gut. Truthbombs, while excellent forms of entertainment, tend to highlight aspects about yours or someone/something else’s character you would prefer to overlook. Like honest slogans for companies, funny because it’s true photos like the ones below tell you more about something than the everyday person ever wants to admit. Is this because the truth remains such an elusive rare thing, or is it because the biggest liars rule the world? Probably a bit of both, if you’re being honest with yourself. See? You’re already making some progress!


The funny cause it’s true pictures featured here reveal truths about yourself and the life you live you might never considered before. Or maybe you tried avoiding them up until this point, which in that case, sorry the the truth hurts! If things in your life from food to video games get a bit more honest with you, you live a much fuller existence absent of blue pills. Hopefully the realness below will satisfy you, because if it doesn’t, you’re living a bigger lie than you realize.