Photos That Prove There Are Two Types Of People In This World

To simplify their hectic lives, people love to compartmentalize everything, even their memes. The two types of people meme stands as a great example of humans trying their best to add clarity to their lives, especiallyĀ at a time when a constant barrage of news, both authentic and fake, streams through their TVs, computers, and even their SnapchatĀ – provided they haven’t deleted it. The very best memes about two types of people in the world help to establish the fine lines people may or may not realize exist in the everyday. Despite whatĀ High School MusicalĀ might have led you to believe, we’reĀ notĀ all in this together, and the funniest memes about two types of people serve as a daily reminder.

UnlikeĀ things you use incorrectly each day,Ā two types of people memes offer two viable options for a particular task or mentality at hand. There’s more than one way to do dishes, dress your fries, and set your alarm, but now isĀ yourĀ time to make your preferenceĀ theĀ preference.

You've Got Mail

All About Timing

Can I Help You?

Zero To 60

Be A Pro

Walking In A Winter – WTF?!

Condiment Conduct

Dental Dichotomy

Bowling Trolling

Clowning Around

Here’s An Update

The High School Experience

Ready For Takeoff

How Do You Dispose Of Hershey’s?

Star Wars: Attack Of The Opinions

Academics Before Beauty

Can’t Remember To Include You

Confidence Is Key

Bowel Sounds

You Know Nothing (Of The Internet)

How Do You Take Control?

Choose Your Warrior