Photos That Were Banned On Facebook

isn’t just a destination anymore. is a journey. People live their entire lives through . Posting about their own lives, following the lives of others via their newsfeed. Largely this is made possible by people sharing photos of their life experiences, but sometimes those photos get banned. These are some of those photos banned from . With some of these pictures it is obvious why they were taken down. With others it’s an example of an algorithm gone wrong (mistaking one body part for another, for example). Others, well… others just defy reason. Be sure to vote up the photos you can’t believe were taken down from .

Wet, Soapy Elbows

Facebook confused elbow for, well, not elbows, and in the process brought the world this wonderful optical illusion.

Kylie Minogue Gone Teddy Bear Wild

A simple case of microphone confusion by the good censors at Facebook. Classic mic mixup.

Scandalous Elbow Exposure

That awkward moment when Facebook confused an elbow for a breast.

Michele Bachmann and the Corn Dog Incident

Facebook blocked comedian Shann Carr from posting this photo of Michele Bachmann eating lunch.

There’s Just Something About the Virgin Mary

Wait, so the Vatican didn’t have a problem with portrayals of the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus but Facebook did?

Facebook’s Feeding Frenzy

Facebook’s crusade against breastfeeding mothers took a turn for the worse when they banned this photo of a mother simply holding her baby.

Neptune’s Wang Is Too Salacious for Facebook

A photo of  Giambologna’s Fountain of Neptune in Bologna, Italy was banned by Facebook because the bronze effigy of the Roman god of freshwater and the sea has its dong flopping about in the Italian breeze. The Guardian reports writer Elisa Barbari posted a picture of the fountain-topping statue of Neptune on her page “Stories, curiosities and views of Bologna.” It was quickly banned for being sexually explicit.

Facebook wrote to Barbari: â€śThe use of the image was not approved because it violates Facebook’s guidelines on advertising. It presents an image with content that is explicitly sexual and which shows to an excessive degree the body, concentrating unnecessarily on body parts.”

The site quickly corrected its gaff after realizing the image is one of a near 500-year-old work of art, not a flesh-and-bone man stood atop an Italian palazzo, c*ck out, brandishing a trident.

Are You Effin Kidding Me?

It took Ann Marie Kennedy over a year to get Facebook to stop banning photos of her perfectly Effin acceptable business name.

Soldier’s Recovery

Facebook banned this photo of a soldier who lost some limbs in battle but later lifted the ban.

Facebook Taking a Stand Against Photoshop

Facebook decided to take a stand against cutting a bikini-clad woman in half with photoshop.

Boobie Confusion

Facebook totes freaked out when the Christmas Island Tourism Board posted these scandalous photos of boobies.

Just Couple of Hug Thugs

There is no official story of why Facebook banned this photo.

Fence Vandals

Facebook banning this photo turned into an old-fashioned Internet backyard brawl.

Censorship Kiss of Death

Too National Geo-Graphic

Facebook banned this tribal photo for obvious boob-related reasons.

You Jelly of My Belly?

Facebook took fat-shaming to a whole new level when they banned this photo of a jelly bell