Pictures of Kids on the Wrong Side of History

Just as adults often find themselves on the wrong side of , so too do children. The difference is that many of the children involved in racism and war were there not out of their own volition, but instead because of their parents’ ideology or their repressive government. This has happened under historical dictatorships and at modern day protests against integration or equality.

Kids who didn’t know better or were pushed into bad situations had pretty much no choice but to join these distasteful movements. Examples include child soldiers of the Axis powers, North Korean kids forced into a life of militarism, and children dragged to KKK rallies and Westboro Baptist Church protests. Often, these children look pained to be doing what they’re doing, or totally uninterested. And we can only hope they’ll leave it all behind once they’re able to.

Here are pictures of kids on the wrong side of , either in the past or present day. 

 A Small Child in a Klan Outfit Greeting a Black State Trooper

Kids Holding Signs at a Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Kid Holding a Racist Sign at a Tea Party Rally

Teenage Soldiers of Nazi Germany After Surrendering, March 1945

Children at a French Anti- Marriage Protest

Young Italian Blackshirts, 1939

North Korean Children in Uniforms

Child at an Anti-Integration Protest

Kids Holding Signs at Tea Party Rally

Kids at a Sons of Confederate Veterans “Training Camp”

Hitler Youth Members Posing with the Fuhrer

Viet Cong Child Soldiers

Child Caught in a Photo with Armed Members of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement

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A US Marine Attempting to Communicate with Japanese Child Soldiers

Children Posing at a Cross Burning