Pictures Of People Who Have Horrible Taste, But Perfect Execution

Have you ever seen an oddly dressed person and wondered what possessed him or her to make such questionable fashion choices? Ever noticed a trashy tattoo, and truly felt sorry for the person with such regrettable body ink? You may have assumed that the oddities you witnessed were one of a kind, but actually  that make such questionable decisions are a dime a dozen.

To further complicate matters, those poor decision-makers usually have impeccable execution abilities. Their outfits may be horrible, but everything matches. In fact, some perpetrators of style fraud commit so completely to their bad taste that you almost have to applaud their consistency. If you’ve yet to see a girl completely recreate the Furbie look, you’d be surprised to note that she nails every aspect of the creepy toy. Perhaps people with bad taste should be given a bit of leniency if they fully commit.

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