The Most On Point Key and Peele Sketches Ever

Key and Peele are both biracial, with white mothers and black fathers. It’s this blend of ethnicities and dual personalities from switching “codes” that gives them perspective from both sides of each ethnicity. But Key & Peele doesn’t just take on race, the show also addresses sexism, relationships, homophobia, nerd culture, gang culture, politics, religion, and the funniest stuff people do. And sometimes Key and Peele just get weird for no reason which is also fantastic… and fantastic television.

This is why Key & Peele pulled down a Peabody Award in 2013 and was nominated for a Writers Guid Award the same year. The NAACP also honored Key & Peele for Outstanding Comedy Series at the NAACP Image Awards. President Obama chuckled. Comedy Central laughed all the way to the bank. We all get quotes for work tomorrow. Everyone wins with Key & Peele.

We know it’s almost impossible but with your help (and your votes!) we are going to rank the best Key & Peele sketches. We know! Crazy talk. Let us just get Meegan her jacket first. Any classic Key & Peele bits missing? Have your anger translator let us know in the comments section!

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