Possible Names For BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z’s Twin Babies


When Beyoncé and Jay Z announced they were expecting twins, the world celebrated and wondered how they would follow up an epic moniker like Blue Ivy? No doubt that, like other celebrity babies, the twins will have unique names, but what might those possible baby names be?

Perhaps Queen Bey and the Best Rapper Alive will choose to honor their respective hometowns of Houston and Brooklyn. In fact, on his 2007 track “Hello Brooklyn 2.0,” Mr. Carter rhymed, “Hello Brooklyn, if we had a daughter/Guess what I’ma call her – Brooklyn Carter.”

Or maybe the royal duo will take a page from their close family members, going with names like Hattie (for Jay’s beloved grandmother, who helped to inspire Lemonade) or Celestine, honoring Bey’s mom, the lovely Tina Knowles-Lawson, whom the 22-time Grammy Award winner named as her personal hero.

In your opinion, what will BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z name their twins? You can vote up your favorite names for BeyoncĂ©’s new babies here!