29 Very Real Thoughts You Have While You’re Hungover at Work

Last night, those tequila shots were the best idea ever. So were those sake bombs. So were those last call pints. So were those pumpkin spice ciders you stole from your roommate’s mini fridge as soon as you got home. But now, it’s Tuesday morning, and you’re basically useless at work. If you’ve ever felt – or are currently feeling – like there’s an elephant jumping up and down on an ice pick lodged in your temporal lobe, chances are, you’ve had a hangover. 
Below, you’ll find a collection of people and adorable animals who feel your pain. These guys are determined not to let the fact that the room is spinning deter them from coming to work – even if they are totally useless as soon as their boss leaves the room. These funny hangover memes might make you laugh out loud, which could be dangerous if you’re fighting the urge to vomit all over your keyboard, so take it easy as you scroll through.