33 Really Stupid Supermarket FAILs

We’ve all taken a supermarket here and there. who work at your local grocery store aren’t necessarily the most highly-motivated, skilled, or meticulous folks – not to say that there aren’t those who are, but what I have noticed is that most are not. This list is some pretty solid proof that no matter where you go, there’s someone screwing something up at a nearby supermarket. is a harsh title to give this list because it deals with human beings doing their best to thrive at a job that underpays them, has them doing menial work, and constantly dealing with idiots asking them where the biggest, most obvious section of the grocery store is.
That being said, a lot of these supermarket are pretty stupid, which makes them . There’s really never enough weight given to the amount of work that it takes to run a supermarket chain like Vons, Safeway, Albertsons, Lucky, Big Lots, Fresh & Easy, or Gelson’s if you’re a geriatric aristocrat.

The ' Section

This Sign Is My Constant Inner Monologue

*Bro Noises*

That’s Less Than a Dollar Per Ass Muffin!

We’re Open So Often That We Invented 2 Days. One If You Ask the Beatles.


I’m Not Going to Make a Penis Joke. So There.

Giant Tangerines for Sale!

‘But They’re Right The-‘ ‘WE SAID. WE ARE OUT. OF PRETZELS.’

Nuh Uh, FailBlog, That Is a WIN! Breakfast!

Oh, No Big Deal, Just Some Sausages.

That Poor, Colorblind, Jobless Bastard

That’s So Offensive. There’s No Hyphen in Pop Tarts.

If Red Flag Started A Hospital It Would Be A Morgue

Wow You Can Make a Lot of Stuff Out of Cat

The Most Important Aisles of All

Time to Get Your Middle Knives! Oh, Middle Knives, How I Miss You.

None of That Pre-Packaged Sh*t in THIS Establishment

The American Aisle at a UK Market


FUN FACT: Milch Is Milk in German


The Adult Wiener Aisle Is Disgusting

Okay, What Could That Even REALLY Be

Someone Gave Up That Night

Seriously, Guys?

Delicious, Crispy, Hard-Skinned Tomatoes

The Employees Get 2 Free Donuts Every Time You Buy a Dozen

Like in Spongebob Only Now They’re Dead

No Plans, Just Chillin

Rice Krispies Shapes Next to Cat

No, but Where Are The ASIAN ?

The Ripoff Here Is the Lion Is De-Boned, but Pork Is Still Boneful

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