33 Really Stupid Supermarket FAILs

We’ve all taken a supermarket picture here and there. People who work at your local grocery store aren’t necessarily the most highly-motivated, skilled, or meticulous folks – not to say that there aren’t those who are, but what I have noticed is that most are not. This list is some pretty solid proof that no matter where you go, there’s someone screwing something up at a nearby supermarket. is a harsh title to give this list because it deals with human beings doing their best to thrive at a job that underpays them, has them doing menial work, and constantly dealing with idiots asking them where the biggest, most obvious section of the grocery store is.
That being said, a lot of these viral supermarket photos are pretty stupid, which makes them hilarious. There’s really never enough weight given to the amount of work that it takes to run a supermarket chain like Vons, Safeway, Albertsons, Lucky, Big Lots, Fresh & Easy, or Gelson’s if you’re a geriatric aristocrat.

The Parents' Section

This Sign Is My Constant Inner Monologue

*Bro Noises*

That’s Less Than a Dollar Per Ass Muffin!

We’re Open So Often That We Invented 2 Days. One If You Ask the Beatles.


I’m Not Going to Make a Penis Joke. So There.

Giant Tangerines for Sale!

‘But They’re Right The-‘ ‘WE SAID. WE ARE OUT. OF PRETZELS.’

Nuh Uh, FailBlog, That Is a WIN! Breakfast!

Oh, No Big Deal, Just Some Sausages.

That Poor, Colorblind, Jobless Bastard

That’s So Offensive. There’s No Hyphen in Pop Tarts.

If Red Flag Started A Hospital It Would Be A Morgue

Wow You Can Make a Lot of Stuff Out of Cat

The Most Important Aisles of All

Time to Get Your Middle School Knives! Oh, Middle School Knives, How I Miss You.

None of That Pre-Packaged Sh*t in THIS Establishment

The American Aisle at a UK Market


FUN FACT: Milch Is Milk in German


The Adult Wiener Aisle Is Disgusting

Okay, What Could That Even REALLY Be

Someone Gave Up That Night

Seriously, Guys?

Delicious, Crispy, Hard-Skinned Tomatoes

The Employees Get 2 Free Donuts Every Time You Buy a Dozen

Like in Spongebob Only Now They’re Dead

No Plans, Just Chillin

Rice Krispies Shapes Next to Cat Food

No, but Where Are The ASIAN Foods?

The Ripoff Here Is the Lion Is De-Boned, but Pork Is Still Boneful