Reddit Has Found The Absolute Worst Designs In The World, And They’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

The phrase “think before you speak” just as easily could be “think before you design.”Ā Thanks to the vigilant observers ofĀ Reddit’s r/CrappyDesign, the world now knows of all the terrible design flaws out there ruining retinas every day. Despite the claim that capitalism spurs innovation, these awful design flaws suggest the opposite. A few design mishaps have (thankfully) goneĀ the way ofĀ unfortunate ad placements, meaning they simply found themselves in the wrong position at the wrong time. But some of the more uncomfortable design flaws make you wonder who exactly green lit these products, graphics,Ā and designs; like how didĀ multipleĀ countriesĀ nearly endorseĀ a barcode to be the flagĀ for the European Union?

PerusingĀ the worst design failures of all time gets to feel a little disheartening when you think about all the people who let this go unnoticed. But with everyĀ design failureĀ out there, while some poor soul probably lost a job, you, dear viewer, get a dose of comedy more valuable than whatever was being sold.Ā 

Sphincter Man

Tear It Down

Clean Floor, Dirty Thoughts

Well For One Thing…

How Zen

Don’t Rub It In

Can’t Even

It’s A Finger, They Swear

Byline Blunders

When Habitat For Humanity Rebrands

Hungry For It

Earn Your Paper

Perfect For Tools

Now You Know

Best Of Luck

Introducing Carly Rae Jeopard

Proof That The Old Testament Is Gay Friendly

Just So Everyone’s Aware

The Thrill Of Pills

Nailed It

Don’t Save The Messenger!

Your Horoscope Looks Perilous

And Yet You Mailed It Here

Charlie And The Jackass Elevator

Fright Light

Check Your Neck

R U Happy Now?

The O’Reilly Blunder: Treason

Blinded By The Sight

Not Quite…

Do You Like The New Tiles In The Bathroom?