The Most Regrettable Face Tattoos Ever

Let’s face it – we’ve all made a terrible decision, at least once. Most of us probably harbor cringeworthy regrets that, after overcoming the initial self-loathing period, make us grateful we’ve matured and moved on from that time in our lives. But what if you had to wake up every morning and stare at your biggest regret in the mirror? What if your biggest regret was permanently stained on your face? Welcome to the world of terrible face !
When you think about it, there’s really no higher form of commitment than a face tat. You can’t divorce it. You can’t tell your tattoo you need some space and you’ll be getting your own apartment for a while. No amount of bleach will scrub it clean and no amount of booze can make you forget you have a giant penis inked across your cheekbone (yes, a penis- there’s photographic evidence below). 
Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking. What if these permanently masked people get rid of all the mirrors in their homes and never sneak glances in car windows or reflective downtown buildings? Then their physical appearance won’t have a negative psychological effect on their day-to-day lives! WRONG. Have you ever gone on a job interview with a tattoo of your boyfriend’s name (in Old English, size 220 font) scrawled across your cheeks? Have you ever tried to bring home a grown-ass, checker-faced man to meet your mother? 
If you answered yes to either of those questions, you probably won’t be as entertained by the crazy face tattoo fails we’ve compiled in this list. If you answered no (high five), get ready to be wooed and wowed by the most painfully epic face tattoos out there. Are there any good face tattoo ideas? You be the judge!


A Creative and Playful Tribute to Terrible Face Tattoos

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If Lisa Frank Were Actually a Tattoo Artist

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It’s the Eyeball Tattoo That Makes You Feel Uneasy, Isn’t It?

One Man’s Misinterpretation of The Patriot Act

One Man Battles to Overcome Post Traumatic Lasik Disorder

I Spy with My Little Eye… Penises in the Shape of a Butterfly

One Dad’s Attempt To Make His Children Proud

He Woke Up Like This

Spider Face, Spider Face, Does Whatever a Spider Face Does

His Dream Hairline

When Love for Board Games Transcends Skin… and Face… and Jobs… and Romance

If You Like It Then You Should Probably Tat Your Name on It

Likes Long Walks on the Beach, Phil Collins, and the Sound of Thunderstorms. Hates Reality TV, Wet Denim, and Yellow Starbursts.

Man Battles Aracnophobia by Getting Giant Black Widow Tattooed on Face

Resume Builder: ALWAYS Ready for an Insane Clown Posse Show

Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Hello, Kitty. Hello, World of Shame and Regret.

“Never Date a Barber,” Said No Moms Ever… Until They Saw This Guy

This Guy Who’s Never Heard of a Picture Frame

At Least His Soul Patch Can Be Shaved?

Ever Wondered What a Bad Acid Trip Looks Like?

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet – Except When It’s Tattooed on Someone’s Forehead

Take That, Open Carry Opposition!


If Face Tattoos Could Also Be Shaved Off, This Guy Would Clean Up Nicely

Just Because You Saw It on “For the Love of Ray J” Doesn’t Mean It’s a Good Idea

Looking for Instant Street Cred That’ll Last You a Lifetime? Try the Triple Scoop!

London’s Calling… They Sounded Pretty Embarrassed

Without Completing Any Research, We Know This Girl’s Ancient Tribal Tattoo Is Symbolic of Unemployment and Loneliness

He’s Multifaceted… He Loves Animals Just as Much as He Loves Being a Bro Just as Much as He Loves Being Single Forever

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