Remembering Angela Anaconda, The Bizarre Fever Dream Of A Kids Show That Included Bizarre Fever Dreams

There are a lot of weird ’90s kids shows from yesteryear. The forgotten animated shows that have likely slipped from your memory for one reason or another. One such weird show is Angela Anaconda, a blast from the past that your mind may have erased because let’s face it, it was creepy as hell. Angela Anaconda was, in many ways, a pretty ho-hum tale of an eight-year-old girl experiencing eight-year-old struggles. However, many elements of the show made it anything but ordinary.

The most unnerving factor of the show was its strange animation style, which was unlike anything on TV, and remains pretty unique to this day. This so-called kids’ show was part of a Nickelodeon sketch show called KaBlam! and it included other bizarre traits such as offensive stereotypes and near nudity. KaBlam! kids shows have likely lain dormant in that part of your brain trying so hard to forget the nightmares of your past. But if you care to explore, here’s everything you don’t remember about the weird show Angela Anaconda.

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